Written by Mark

27 Jun 2016

I have always been lucky with my GF's in the respect that I always go for sluts but that also means I have tended to have a lot of GF' but they never really lasted.

Anyway, back to Fiona, she was/is a 5' 2 very slim size 8 blonde with shoulder length hair, 32A tits but cute as cute can be.

We rented a house together in the early days of our relationship. The landlord (in his 50s) used to come round to collect his post once a month. Fiona always put his post on top of the boiler in the kitchen and when he came round she had to stand on a chair to get if for him. One day I noticed from a hidden position ( I was hiding and didn't want to talk to him to be honest) but I could see him trying as hard as he could to see up her t-shirt at her tiny tits. I absolutely couldn't blame him, she was lovely.

We had a lot of sex off the back of that as it turned out she loved the idea of him looking!!!!

This carried on every time he came over and without to much persuading Fiona started wearing crop tops which were navel level when we knew he was coming. Again, I watched from a hidden position while she reached for his post watching him place himself under her for the view. The thing is, being so small she never wore a bra so the view he was getting was her tits fully exposed and he loved it and so did we.. he started collecting his post weekly and she treated him to a look of her lovely tits every time!

Nothing was ever said and he never tried to touch her. Shame!

We then started doing something similar to my best mate, Daz, He would come round to watch TV or whatever and Fiona started changing into her nightie and return to the sofa. We arranged for her to pretend to fall asleep and I started lifting her nightie for my mate Daz to have a look . He really fancied her anyway and we knew it so I would lift her nightie and move her legs open for him to see her little shaved pussy. It was so hot and a massive turn on and he always ended up going for a wank in the bathroom.

One night we pretended she had to much to drink and had dozed off so I took her nightie off completely fully exposing her cute little body with her perfect pert tits to him. I had already agreed with Fiona that the cock teasing was to much and she agreed that if he wanted to fuck her she would play dumb and pretend to think it was me... It really worked and as he said, I need my wank I told him to use her! (I knew she was okay with it) He could no way resist and slid his cock into her while I watched.

We did it a quite a few times and Daz started to feel guilty so we told him it was all staged! It was never the same from then but Daz fucked her regularly until his new GF came along ..