Written by Steve

10 Dec 2012

This is about an affair I had about twenty five years ago. I was 24 and engaged to a girl called Sue, aged 23; she lived with her sister and her mother, Emma lived close by. I was a fit guy, the, work outs sunning, swimming etc., and I was employed as a junior barrister. I lived on my own. Emma, the mother, was 48 fantastic figure size 10 big boobs, and divorced and lived alone. She was a sexy woman, very flirty and fun.

On Saturday I was asked to pop something over to Emma, as Sue and her sister were going to a hen weekend. I went over about 1pm and Emma answered the door in a short silk gown, she had just had a bath and had been drinking; she asked me in and offered me a drink, I sat next to her and her gown did not hide much and when she handed me the drink I had a great view of her tits. We chatted, flirted really, and she asked what I was doing the rest of the day and I said not much, and she made some comment about it being a waste, and I placed my hand on her leg and she uncrossed her legs and stroked my face, saying what a lucky girl Sue was. I pushed my hand further and when got her fanny she leant over and French kissed me and I started to finger fuck her. She continued to kiss me, and I opened her gown and saw her wonderful tits in full view. After a short while she gasped and cam over my hand; I was rock hard by now and she unzipped my jeans and took out my solid cock, I am about 8.5” but very thick girth she said wow!! And went down on me taking most of it down her throat, I took my top off and let forward and started fingering her arse. It was not long before I came down her throat and she swallowed it all.

She said lets go into the bedroom, once there she lay back on the bed, I pulled her forward and put her legs over my shoulders and entered her in one rough push. I fucked her hard biting her tits and nipples, holding her hair back and deeply fucking her as hard as I could; managed to stop myself from cumming, and turned me over to fuck her doggy style again pulling her hair back and slapping her sexy arse, after a while I came inside her and as I pulled out I started to finger her arse hole, one, two then four fingers she was begging me to fuck her arse and I was hard again so entered her tight hole and played with her clit making her orgasm really hard.

We rested for a while and she told me she had always fancied me, ever since Sue introduced me and admitted I used to wank over her to.

WE fucked again three times that afternoon and I stayed the night. We continued to fuck right up to the wedding day and through my marriage to her daughter. We even fucked the morning of the wedding and a quickie in a back room of the hotel where we held the reception. Sadly when my wife discovered me fucking a woman in our marriage bed, she stormed out and I never saw her or her mother again.