Written by A Man

22 Jul 2012

I had been going with my partner for about 2 years when things started to go wrong slightly. We had a child together and the pressures of a new family took its toll on us. We agreed to part company but still saw each other, sexually and as a couple, even though we where living in different houses.

This scenario continued for approx a year when I started to see some else. I explained to my partner the situation and we agreed to part company on good terms. We had a child together so I still went around to see him, and if I am honest we still slept together even though by now I had a new partner.

This continued for awhile and I was having my cake and eating it, my ex partner didn't mind as she was getting what she wanted and my new partner didn't know so she didn't mind by way of not knowing.

This went on until one day I got a text from my ex partner, I say ex but we were still sleeping with each other, saying she had also met someone new and couldn't see me any more sexually.

I remember my heart racing as I read the text message. We had always talked about threesomes and me watching her getting fucked, this was bedroom talk but now it was actually happening. Now she was actually seeing someone and I assumed she was getting cock from him.

I asked if I could come around to talk about things which she agreed to. I can remember now turning up at her house exited and eager to get the details about this new person in her life.

She explained she had meet him on the internet and got talking to him. They had been doing so for awhile and then she had invited him around. She then went onto explain she had slept with him. My cock went hard at this point thinking about her having another mans cock inside of her. Getting it out of his pants and sucking it, she loves to suck cock, it makes her very wet and she used to do it to me a lot.

I tried to touch her as I was so turned on and I just wanted to fuck her, I wanted to fuck her whilst thinking about another man fucking her. She said no, I cant as she has decided to move on with this new man. She confirmed she had slept with him and he had satisfied her. The main thing was the size of his cock, she showed me the pics he had sent her and they showed the size of his cock and it was big.

I was very turned on and wanted to know everything, I looked at her phone and read her text messages between them. Its not something I normally do but this new desire drove me to know more. This new man was texting and saying how he knew she liked him as she got very wet when she saw the size of his cock.

I went home and wanked myself off thinking about the two of them fucking, his hands in her panties playing with her wet pussy whilst she sucked his cock. I imagined them fucking on the bed I use to fuck her on, his large cock going into her and he fucked her until he came between her legs and played with her tits.

Over the coming weeks I turned up to keep contact with our son. Whilst I was there she would prepare for her new boyfriend coming over. She did it on purpose to tease me, she would lay clothes out to get changed into after I had left. She would put skimpy panties out on the bed and short dresses. She knew that I would see them, she also knew it would turn me on. I used to ask if that was what she was going to wear for her new boyfriend, she would look at the underwear and pick it up and say how he liked to see her in it. She knew it would turn me on and make me hard and she was right, it did.

I would go home and wank thinking about them two fucking each other.

This continued until I wanted more, I wanted to know for sure she was getting fucked so after leaving her I used to text her. I asked if he had arrived yet, she would give me a running commentary on the lead up to her being fucked. She would text back telling me what panties she was going to wear, what he was going to do to her and how she felt whilst his cock was going into her. This made me want to go around and watch her getting fucked, watch this man putting his hands inside her panties and listen to the sound of her getting wet when he fingered her, watch as she pulled his pants slowly down and revealed his cock, watch as she sucked it and watch as it was going into her inch by inch, it was driving me mad.

She kept this up for awhile, I asked on several occasions if I could come around and fuck her after he had left, to feel her wet pussy full of his come, to see the wetness in her panties. She always refused saying she was satisfied.

The relationship between then eventually broke down and they parted and yes you guessed it I started to fuck her again.

I remember the first time i did after the new boyfriend had finished with her, she had been drinking and we went to bed. I put my hand inside her panties and she was not wet at all, I played with her and she played with my cock, still not wet at this point. I decided to experiment a bit and started to ask if she had enjoyed herself with her last boyfriends cock, if she liked having a big cock in her hand and to suck on. The transformation was amazing, I could feel her juices flowing straight away, she got exited at the mention of his name and the thought of his cock.

As time went on she would tell me about the things they did together and how she felt when he would fuck her, how she felt with his cock in her hand and her mouth, how she felt when he gently fed his big cock into her.

We still talk about her having sex with him, she lets me fuck in the same places he did and I mention his name and she gets very wet when I do. I would love to see her getting fucked by another man with a big cock, I still picture her getting wet and coming when she was being fucked by him, who knows, maybe one day.