Written by A Man

25 Jul 2012

I posted my story a few days ago, it involved me splitting up with my partner and she then went on to find another man. This awoke feelings in me like never before, thinking about her having sex with this other man, she was dressing very sexy for him and at the same time giving me all the details but not letting me fuck her. I used to wank myself off thinking about the things they got up to.

After they parted company i started to fuck her again and i still am to this day, however i have noticed she gets very wet when i play with her and talk about her ex. He had a big cock and she loves me talking about it as i slip my hands into her panties and rub her clit.

I posted this story the other day and when i read my story it reminded me just how i used to feel in my stomach when she was fucking him, its a feeling of sheer exitment, i had a couple of wanks whilst reading my own story as it re ignited those feelings again.

A couple of days after posting my story and reading the feed back from other readers i was ready to have another "ex boffriend" session with her. I wanted her to think about his cock and having it again when she was playing with my cock and i was fingering her wet pussy.

On the evening we went upstairs to watch TV in the bed room, we oftern do, she was lay with her head on the pillow end of the bed and i was lay with my head down the bottom end of the bed. I had just a pair of boxer shorts on and she had a short dress, no bra or underware, she oftern relaxes of an evening in this manner.

As we lay there i could see her pussy, the short dress stopped just short of covering it, i rested my hand on her upper thigh and stroked her, she responded by placing her top leg onto mine. This opened up her pussy lips slightly showing her lips. I guesed at this point she was feeling horny. I moved my hand to her pussy area and parted her lips more, i rolled over to face her and parted her lips with my left hand and played with her clit with my right hand. She lay and watched the TV but didnt stop me so i carried on.

When i want her to think about the other mans cock i start of usualy by talking about her getting some nice big cock, i rarely mention the ex boyfriends name as she knows who i am talking about.

I started of by giving her the senario she was in a cafe sat opposite two men and they could see up her skirt and could see her fanny lips through her skimmpy panties. She started to get wet. I went on to paint the scene of them inviting her back to their flat and they took it inturns putting their hands into her panties and fingering her, at the same time she was undoing their trousers and get her hands inside their pants. She was getting into the threesome fantasie and started to bite her bottom lip, i know she is concentrating on the story at this point. I moved the story on to they had laid her onto the sofa, pulled her panties down and pulled her dress up, the two men were now stripped off and had two rock hard and large cocks, one in her fanny and the other in her mouth and were fucking her hard, she was very wet by now.

I thought i would chance me taking some video of her wet fanny on my mobile phone, i half sneaked it over and started to film me playing with her and talking about other mens cocks. I havnt real done this before and thought she may object but it was the opposite, she opened her legs more. She used to send pictures of her wet fanny and her wearing skimmpy underware to her ex boyfriend, he used to reply by sending pictures of his large cock back, she showed me the pictures and hence how i know just how big his cock was that he used to use on my partner. I used to picture her sucking it.

By now i was very hard, that feeling that we were now in the area of exitment and lust drove me on to the next level.

As i said, i rarely mention his name as she already knows who i am talking about but the story posted on here and the fact she was letting me video her getting fingered whilst i talked dirty to her gave me all the courage i needed.

I mentioned her ex partners name and the size of his cock, she now went totaly wet and i had trouble keeping her fanny lips parted as they were so slippery. I asked her if she enjoyed his cock, did she enjoy sucking it and him coming in her mouth, if she enjoyed having it in her hand, enjoyed feeling it going in to her, she answered yes to all of them and bit her bottom lip even more.

I asked her if he was here now would she suck his cock again, she replied yes and started to come, i pressed on and asked if he was here now would she let him put that big cock into her, would she lay there with her legs open and feel that big hard cock being pushed slowly into her fanny until she felt it go all the way into her belly, she came and her juices flowed.

All the time i was going through this she was wanking me off, she couldnt keep the rhythem going on my cock as she was too engrossed in her thoughts of her ex big cock, this meant i could fuck her.

I moved between her legs and she pushed the tip of my hard cock against her clitty, she wanted to imagine the big cock she used to have starting to enter her, i filmed her doing this also. She pressed my hard cock against her clit and rubbed it, i wanted to push it in but knew that was not what she wanted, she wanted to keep the fantasie alive some more.

She rubbed herself with my cock and i sucked her tits and played with her hard nipples. Eventually i pushed my cock into her and fucked her, i carried on with the vidoe and placed the phone camera under her raised legs to film my cock going into her.

She then said "will you show that to you work mates"? I asked her "do you want me to "? She replied "yes". I wanted so desperately to come at this point but at the same time i didnt want to, i wanted this to last as i didnt know where it was going to end, i had visions of me phoneing friends to come around to fuck my girlfriend, i was so sexually exited that i would of done if she had suggested it.

I said " i am going to show your wet fanny to people i work with and they will want to come around and fuck you with their big cocks". I came at this point, i couldnt hold back and i could feel the spunk coming up my cock and filling her wet fanny, i couldnt and didnt want to stop it as i was now picturing two people i work with fucking my girl friend whilst i watched, both of them putting their cocks into her and coming inside her open legs and she was enjoying it.

I pulled my cock out and stopped the phone vidoe, she kissed me and said you are so sexy and that has really turned me on.

I havnt shown the video to work collegues, what is said in the heat of the momment and what really happens is normally two different things, i do belive if i could arrange for her ex boyfriend to come and fuck her she would allow it, she has fond memories of his large cock and knows i would love to see it going into her.

I have put pictures of me playing with her wet fanny and me fucking her onto a web site, there has been several men who have looked at it and posted back comments about how they want to fuck her, some have sent pictures of their erect cocks which she has enjoyed looking at, she is getting closer to the day of having a second cock in the bedroom.