8 Jul 2015

This is the follow up to part 1 , we had been together about a year now and decided on a party inviting the lads from the team, Nicky had been busy cooking an baking , I had organised the drinks as a couple of the lads said they had some games in mind for later.

On the night Nicky looked sexy in a nice dress that had buttons all the way up the front, with some new heels and matching undies with stockings to top it off. The lads all danced with Nicky feeling her body ,bum an boobs as with her heels on she was as tall as them. We were all dancing with Nicky till she said it was time to eat now and drink, we finished as I watched the table moved into the garden as the chairs were put into a circle.

Then it was announced the games would begin , I watched as Nicky was blindfolded then a couple of the lads before my turn, as I sat in the chair I suddenly felt hands holding me down as my hands and feet were tied to the chair, being blindfolded I wondered what was going to happen as I felt what I thought was Nicky's g string shoved in my mouth and taped over.

The game was announced shortly after as name the mushroom, then I had my blindfold untied and only Nicky and I had been wearing blindfolds, I heard Lee telling Nicky she had to guess whose mushroom it was in her mouth and she could use her hands . Then Nicky was stood up as her dress was undone and pulled off of her body she stood there her hairless pussy on display just in stockings ,suspenders and heels as her bra was taken off of her as well.

I couldn't move now as Lee spun her around only to find myself moved out of the ring against the wall, as Nicky was helped onto her knees the chairs closed in around Nicky, I watched her hands go onto a lads lap as he hurriedly got handed a mushroom to give to Nicky.

The mushroom was moved away and the lad had his cock out semi hard, now as he guided her head to his cock she smiled as she ran her tongue over that cock and began to lick and suck it for him as he smiled , this carried on till all 10 cocks were hard , I had cum once just watching my wife as she sucked them all. Then Lee helped Nicky up and said did she know who any of them were she nodded a No , as Lee told her she would have to sit on them all now.

I watched as she went from one to the next , now though some of the lads couldn't hold back anymore and began to fill my Wife's pussy with their cum, some were biting and feeling her boobs as well now making Nicky cum . It got down to 2 lads who hadn't cum yet I watched as Nicky was carried in to our bedroom laid between both lads as they groped her body before one climbed between her legs and began pumping his hips to soon add his cum to her pussy.

The lad left Simon really drove his cock into Nicky making her cum twice before he did , they both lay there exhausted as Nicky suddenly began to scan the room for me. All the lads thanked Nicky and myself for a great night as they began to leave, me still tied to the chair, Nicky had a shower with me before we climbed in to bed after I told her how good she looked , Hope you like be good to hear back from you Nicky & Stefan