Written by a big secret

28 Jul 2014

I cant' tell you my name for reasons that will be come clear. My friend has allowed me to use her membership so I can tell you my story becouse have to get it off my chest and other than her I haven't told anyone, we are so so different but she is a good friend. I feel so bad but at the same time liberated. My husband is a minister and I help him with his work, I have regular meeting with women in his church and the subject we have covered over the past weeks has been morality and how people are having sex outside of marriage. One of the wives said she had heard that strangers meet in secluded places for sex called dogging. We couldn't believe it so I decided to look it up on the computer and was shocked to see she was correct and they did it not that far from where we live. The language being used was terrible but after my experiences I have found myself using the same language and it is quite a release. I felt that this must be some sort of joke so I told the women that I would investigate it for myself. We agreed not to tell our husbands becouse they would only worry and fuss and two of them said they would come with me but on the night they pulled out. I suppose I should describe myself like people do on this site. I am 35, 5' 5" and quite slim. I pulled in about two hours after the meet was supposed to start. There where a few cars there already so I just sat there at the far end of the car park. One car had its door open with man stood with his trousers down,the woman had his penis in her mouth, another women was on her back on the bonnet of her car having sex, I has seen enough was going to leave but I have to admit it was all quite erotic. my husband was the only man I had ever has sex with and we never did anything out of the ordinary. Another car put its head lights on to see more so I did the same (I have no idea what I was thinking). I had my door windows open becouse of the warm weather and I opened my door which caused the internal light to come on. Apparently that means you are available or something like that. I was wearing a thin dress and becouse of the hot weather and the fact I have small breasts I omitted to wear a bra. A voice from my side made me jump, I looked up and there where two met and a young skinny girl standing there. The closest man just said Hi, I replied with a cautious hello. He was quite tall, a bit plump and very sweaty. Haven't seen you here before he said putting his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and his friends,do you mind if I touch you ? he said. Thinking he meant his hand on my shoulder I told him I didn't mind. He unbuttoned the front of my dress and started to rub my breasts and squeeze my nipples. I know this was so wrong but there was something that just stopped me driving away, He pulled my dress down to my waist got on his knees and started to suck my nipples quite hard, first one then the other. I wanted to tell him to stop but I had this strange feeling inside me that made me want a little more. The second man was masturbating, the first said he wanted to 'fuck' me, for some reason I didn't reply. He took my hand, led me to the front of my car and I let him pull my dress completely off, I could have stopped him but the thought of people watching was so erotic and wrong. Within seconds I was completely naked apart from my shoes. He lay me on my back and both he, the other rather muscular man and the young girl took it in turns to put their tongs and fingers inside me and after that they both took it in turns to 'fuck' me. When they had cum inside me a third man took my head and put himself into my mouth. It was such an exhilarating experience sucking a strangers cock. After a while he placed me on my stomach on the bonnet of the car and took me from behind, his cock inside me and his fingers up my behind, I had the strongest orgasm of my life, apparently he covered my mouth to stop the scream. In all, three men and two women had me that evening, the men filling me with cum and their partners licking it out of me. I went home soaking wet and smelling of men. I showered but couldn't wait to do it again. It goes without saying that the ladies I meet with had a rather boring report.