Written by Jeff_Miller

17 Jun 2013

This is the final part of our Holiday in Barbados. If you want to read the first part, it is dated 7th May and the second part 22nd May. So it has taken so long to finish. I can promise you, that this is all true.

We had been enjoying some great swapping with Dave and Susy. For the next 2 days, we always went back to mine in the afternoon for the ladies to get an all over tan and we also enjoyed some great sex.

The third afternoon, the ladies went back to get the all over Sun but Dave and myself carried on drinking by the bar.

We had been there about an hour when Steve and Janice drove in. They waved and continued up to their apartment. We stayed for a further 10 mins and went back to our apartment to join the ladies.

We got there and stripped off and had a few more drinks. We tried to pester the ladies for some fun but both said no, as it was disrupting their sun tan time. Later they said. So Dave and myself started cracking jokes (needless to say that both of our respected partners have heard them many times) As Judith would say “not that one again”.

We had been there for about 45 mins. when there was a knock on the door. I said “It is only the cleaner. I shall send here away”

I put my towel around my waist and answered the door, it was not the cleaner but Steve and Janice.

They asked where everybody was and I said out on the patio. Go and join them and I shall get you some drinks I replied.

They went thru and pulled the curtains apart and just stood there open mouthed. Janice said “ you are all naked” to which Dave replied rather sarcastically “It is the only way to get an all over tan” (He was a bit drunk and he did apologise later). He then said “Get your kit of and join us” To which Steve said “OK” but Janice said that she would only take her top off. Dave said “I do not know what you are trying to hide, as we have all seen everything you have got anyway”. Janice said “What do you mean” Dave replied “That yellow bikini is translucent when it is wet and does not hide a thing”. She turned to Steve and said “It’s not is it” to which Steve replied that Dave was exaggerating a little but not much. She called Steve a Bastard for not telling her as she now feels embarrassed.

I got the cushions from the sofa, as we had run out of sun loungers and they finally sat down. I could see that Janice was not happy, as she consumed her drinks very fast.

After about 30 mins. Judith asked if someone could oil her back. Dave never to be the one walking backwards jumped and volunteered. He spread the oil on Judith’s back and gently rubbed it in. His hands,all the time moving lower and lower until he reached her cheeks. He poured more oil and it was running between her thighs. He started to massage her bottom a lot more and his fingers were going between her cheeks and started to explore her ass.

I took a sly glance at Steve and Janice and they were mesmerised. Dave was getting an erection and Janice nipples were very erect.

I looked back at Dave and Judith and they were the centre of attraction. Dave told Judith to turn over as he wants to do her front. Her nipples were also very erect. Dave poured more oil and gently began rubbing it into her breasts. With that Judith just closed her eyes.

I took another look at Steve and Janice. They were transfixed and Steve’s prick was hard, as were mine and Dave’s. Janice looked at my erection then at Dave’s and then glanced down at her hubby’s.

Dave’s hand was now on top off Judith’s fanny and he gently massaged her lips as there was plenty of oil. He then inserted his fingers and Judith let out a moan. She turned to look at Steve and Janice who were still gob smacked and still staring. Dave then got his mouth down there and started licking her fanny. (Thank god it was him, as I hate the taste of sun tan oil).

Judith was now in cloud cuckoo land. With that Susy said I am being neglected. I said sorry but I am enjoying watching at the moment. Susy got up and went over to Steve and kissed him. I was not sure how Janice was going to take this but saying that, they had not left and continued to watch the show. Susy pulled Steve on to the Lounger. My prick was in my hand gradually moving up and down and looking at Janice. She just sat there and watching me. I beckoned for her to come over. She looked at Steve who was engrossed in Suzy’s tits. She came and sat beside me just watching. I put my other hand on her breast and she responded by placing her hand on my leg. I nudged her to look at Judith who had Dave cock in her mouth and Janice gulped. With that, I undone to tie of the side of her bikini bottoms and pulled them to one side and let my fingers do the exploring. She was very wet. She then grabbed hold of my prick and started stroking it. I whispered in her ear to look at Steve as he had his mouth all over Suzy’s fanny.

The next thing we knew was that Judith had straddled Dave and he was thrusting up and she was having a mighty orgasm. All turned to watch. Next minute Dave had come and I could here Susy also coming.

I concentrated on Janice and I went down on her and she was loving it. I have very good tongue action and it was not long before she was coming. Steve and Susy stopped to watch Janice. She did taste good and she is also a squirter. First time for me. I stood up and put my cock in her mouth and she sucked me to an inch of me bursting. I would off let go but I wanted it in her fanny. I turned her on all fours and proceeded to fuck her. No need for lubrication. I could see the reflection in the window leading onto to the patio that Steve fucking Susy.

Janice came in floods but I had noticed that from start to finish, she had not said a word. It was not long before I was filling her. After all the fucking I had been doing over the last 7 days I did not think there was much left.

Then I heard Steve coming, he was the noisy one.

We all got cleaned up and back onto the patio except Janice, who was crying. Judith and Susy went out to comfort her, to try to reassure her that it was quite natural for couples to behave like this in a stable relationship.

Her and Steve went back to their apartment and we all showered and dressed for the evening meal by the pool.

We got to the bar about 8 and sat down with Susy and Dave and discussed the events of the afternoon.

We were very surprised to see Janice and Steve appear as we all felt that they had gone one step beyond.

Janice apologised about her actions which we all said that there was no need.

After the meal and a few more drinks we all went back to my apartment where we all done the obvious and where myself and Steve gave Susy DP and Dave and Steve gave Judith DP. We tried to persuade Janice but she was scared that it would hurt too much, so we did not push.

2 days later when she was drunk (Steve’s idea not mine or Dave’s) with plenty of lubrication and going very slow, her cheery was broke.

Steve told us later, that for the rest of the holiday she wanted it in her ass, as she enjoyed it so much. Needless to say, that all of us men obliged and she really enjoyed DP. Rude not to.

That was a fantastic holiday and I know that I have never fucked so much in 2 weeks and Judith had never been fucked so much

Hope you enjoy the read and I can honestly say that this is 100% genuine.

Oh by the way, the all over tan looked great