Written by 182laura

19 Oct 2011

Me and my boyfriend were talking about what are fantasies were. He told me his but I was a bit shy and was worried about what he was going to think about my fantasy.

My fantasy: watching by boyfriend being fucked by another women while I filmed it.

Well to my surprise my boyfriend was really up for it! I told him that it had to be a women of similar age and build as myself which is slim, mid 20,s and light brown hair. After are conversation about it, a couple of weeks had past by and nothing really came of it, I was quite gutted because after talking about it I was getting really excited.

So after a long day at work, I decided to leave a bit earlier than usual, I have never left work early before. I was on my way back home thinking about calling my boyfriend to let him know but I decided not to as I would be home soon anyway. As I pulled up to the house I gathered my stuff from my car and got my keys ready to let myself into the house as my boyfriend would still be at work, as I was about to put my keys in the door I noticed that the lights were on. As I walked through the door there was no sign of anyone about so I set my stuff down and continued up stairs to change out of my work clothes, as I got to the top of the stairs I could hear voices coming from the bedroom, my heart strafed to race as my mind was spinning thinking about what could be happening.

I soon got the courage to have a look into the bedroom as the door was not fully closed, as I looked through the gap I could see my boyfriend led on the bed with his hands behind his head groaning as a slim, mid 20's women had her lips around his throbbing cock, I couldn't believe my eyes! My boyfriend was cheating on me! But weirdly I wasn't as angry as I was horny. Watching her head bob up and down pleasuring boyfriend, so I decided to wait and see what happened.

As I stood there listening to the sound of the moaning I found my self getting real hot and my pussy really wet. My hand then started to wonder into my underwear, as my hand reached my wet pussy I couldn't believe what I was doing, but it felt so right. I was looking through the gap in the door once more and I see my boyfriend grab this women and place her on top of him, I can see her wet open pussy, wanting his cock so bad, as my boyfriend teased it with the tip of his cock, the with one swift push it was inside her and she let out a loud groan of pleasure. My legs started to shake and my body was getting hotter and my pussy wetter I started to finger myself as I was nearly ready to cum. I opened the door a bit wider to get a better view of them, they were to busy fucking each other to realise, do as my boyfriend pounded this women's pussy, his breathing getting faster, I could tell he was ready to blow, but I didn't want it to stop I was having fun. But as he was about to climax the women stopped and got off him and started kissing him. My boyfriend asked why she had stopped and her reply was "it's getting late your girlfriend will be back soon, and we don't want that now do we"

As I stood in the hall way thinking s out what I was going to do next, I heard my boyfriend speak, he said

"but my girlfriend would love to meet you, it has been her fantasy to see us together, let's do it" as he said that I walked through the bedroom door and stared at my boyfriend led on our bee with his hard erection ready to burst and a naked women standing there in shock not knowing what to do. I looked at her and told her to finish off what she started, with no hesitation she got back on to my boyfriend and slid his wet hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy and started to grind against it, her pussy hugging his cock. She was about ready to cum her self and screamed out to my boyfriend "I'm ready to cum, I want you to fill me with yours!" as soon as she had said that I seen his balls tighten and his whole body twitch and he filled her tight pussy with his warm cum, as soon as he had cum she was bouncing up and down on his cock having her own orgasum and just as they finished, I felt a warm feeling run through my body as I sat there and gave my self an orgasum.

Once everyone was satisfied the women got up cleaned herself up and left, my boyfriend was led there looking pleased with himself as he has just had sex with a gorgeous looking girl with what he thought was my blessing.

Not the way I ever thought my fantasy would come true!