Written by NewSusan

1 Feb 2016

Hello my Susan i am married but i have always been bi curious i work in a office and the chance to have some bicurious female sexy fun was driving me mad .

I love my husband but i needed to explore a feeling inside that was burting to get out .

As i said before i work in a office i have to wear a skirt suit - i like to dress in sexy undies under my work clothes - matching sexy undies & stockings.

My chance came to explore my new curiosity a month a go ,at work we had a new manager arrive for the story her name is P .

She was in her late 30, very confident and sexy with it .

Her clothes were smart but sexy , sometimes the odd glimpse of her stocking top had me wet, and I have to own up I did have the odd pussy rub in the ladies.

I was asked to work late with P the company was expanding so all our computer systems were getting new information updates .

Anyway on our 2nd night we were sharing a coffee when she was asking me about my family and when i asked her about hers she said she was going through a messy separation with her husband, as always she smelt lovely and the more i got to know her the wetter i was getting when i went home i would ask my husband to lick me to orgasm and i would fantasise that it was P tounge on my pussy and clit .

Anyway on friday night we couldnt continue with the late work because the computer crashed so P said she had a bottle of wine in her car and would i share it with her .

I couldnt say yes fast enough - we were in the office all alone the wine was flowing nice then i spilt some on my skirt - red wine stains bad so i removed my skirt in the ladies and P was helping me remove the stain - when it removed i caught her looking at my panties and stocking legs in the mirror , she complmented me on my figure which made me blush .

She said she was going to have a boob job later on in the year i said she had nice boobs - i couldnt belive i was flirting like mad .

I dried my skirt using the toilet hand dryer , I put my skirt on and went back to the office , maybe it was the wine going to my head but our chat was getting more sexy we spoke about her sex life ,then out of the blue she said she was bi sexual and she had a girl friend she would meet up with nothing serious ....just for the sex, this made me hot when she asked me if i ever was tempted i blushed - she was hitting the right buttons .

I told her I was married but I was always curious , next thing she moved close icould hear my heart beating fast she touched my arm then we kissed it was like fire , her tounge darted in and out of my mouth i returned with my tounge .

We got on the floor we was kissing my neck and working her was to my boobs, she kissed them through my bra with one pull my boons were out and she was licking my nipples i could feel the juices of my pussy running into my panties , then i felt her hand on my thigh and stroking my pussy through my panties her fingers were inside me she said your so wet i was pussing onto her fingers my orgasm was close i held her hand and a woosh came over me , my clit was on fire.

P removed my panties i opened my legs - it was crazy but i was thinking why didnt i trim my pussy - she moved down to my pussy i could feel her breath on it , she opened my pussy lips like a flower and started licking my clit slowly first then firm within seconds i was coming again .

After a few mins she stood up and removed her skirt she was wearing suspenders and black stockings with white french knickers , she lay down on the floor and i stoked her boobs and she lifted up her bum so i removed her panties , i had never been so close to another womans pussy before , she was wet and i imagined it was my pussy slowly rubbing it , she whispered in my ear lick me i want to cum - she opened her legs and i started licking slowly she was moaning , she told me to finger her as i was licking she was so hot and wet , so called me her pussy slut and pushed her pussy onto my mouth , I was in heaven.

She changed position and got on all fours , she ordered me to carry on licking her pussy and rim lick her arse something I had never done before not even with my husband , then she wanted to taste her juices from my mouth , which was a passionate wet kiss ,then I was ordered in the same position , before licking she said you've been a naughty girl and you deserve a spanking , a few hard slaps and then she returned the favour by rimming my arse as she fingered me , I orgasmed again.

My body felt like it was pulsating, it was a mind blowing experiance , I have a good marriage with a great family bond but exploring my new sexuality has confused me, since my experiance with P, I have reverted back to masturbating when not with my husband , even when I was out shopping I had a pussy wank in the toilets of a local restaurant.

I met up with P a few days ago , she wants me to join her on a management course next week it's will be over night asked if I wanted to take our fun to another level , she said she's got a strap on.

The thought is getting me wet but what do I do ?

Anyone reading this please throw some advice to my dilemma, I would like male and female perspectives on this please !!!!!

I love my husband and our sex life is good but my new lady experiance has opened my fantasy mind to a higher level.