Written by Cara T

11 Jan 2017

Hello All.

This will probably be the last post I make. To begin with it was all very new to me and I desperately needed nice comments to let me know that what I was doing wasn't unusual and to give me confidence about my new life and you have done that and I will be eternally great full. Now it has all become a fixed part of my life, well I say my life, it appears I now have two.

My life at home with the family and my life with my new found friends. I go home and due the duties as a wife and mother and when I can find an excuse to go out for the evening or sometimes take an afternoon off and go visiting I let a man and women I hardly know fuck me and let him fill me with cum which I vowed never to let happen but now, although I can always say no I don't feel in control. The fact that I went there last time to say goodbye but ended up on my back with his cock deep inside me and allowed him to fill me with his seed confirmed that I had lost control of the situation.

But they make me feel so sexy, just letting them undress me and have my breasts on display for them to play with sends me wild and to have them both explore my pussy with fingers and hands almost to the wrist makes me cum.

I visited them last night and our relationship changed significantly, I moved from a close friends to, well I'll let you decide.

I had made the decision yesterday that I would dress in a way that would tease them, I would play shy and make them beg.

With that in mind I wore a black pencil skirt and a tight white blouse. I had arranged a taxi so I could have a drink and when I was round the corner of my house I removed my bra, my breasts pushing hard against the tight material and the though of what was coming made my nipples hard and almost sexually painful. The driver nerving and trying not to make it look too obvious, I felt so naughty was tempted to open my blouse for him to take a look but thought better of it.

When I arrived I looked at myself and felt I looked like a hooker so threw on a jacket and knocked on the door. As soon as it opened I knew his brother and sister in law were there. It was nice to see them, it had been a long time since they went down on me or sucked my tits and it wasn't an unpleasant experience any any means but I had forgotten how sexy she was and how handsome and big he was.

They took my jacked and I could see straight away that my choice of attire was going down well. The buttons straining so much I was convinced that they would pop off and my breasts would spring out for all to see ( again ).

Then they said they wanted me to meet some friends of theirs and turned me round.

I guess these where the friends they mentioned last time I was there. I was met with big smiles and very nervous expressions. He is I would say about 6' ish, slim build but toned. Not very good looking at all, not someone I would look twice at but she was lovely. They both looked too young to be there, I whispered to my host that they didn't look old enough but was assured they where 22 and 23. She looked so sweet, blond with the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen, they almost shined.

She had an amazing figure and by the way her t shirt clung to her body has the tiniest breasts which was a fact I later confirmed.

We stood around chatting an drinking wine but it was pretty obvious that everyone just wanted to fuck and they must have read my mind. My host came behind me kissing my neck, his hands on my shoulders and he whispered how much he had missed me. He told everyone as much and didn't they agree I was a sexy women and as though I was on display they all agreed and cheered. He asked the guys if they agreed that my breasts made them want to get their cocks out, this time the two of them were sheepish and just looked and grinned, the women giggled. The sister in law said they made her want to get her tits out which made everyone laugh.

Then with one finger he flicked the buttons one at a time until my blouse was open and out they fell. He caressed them followed by his wife. The room went quiet but for all I cared they could be shouting, I was where I wanted to be.

He apologised to everyone and said it had been too long and he couldn't wait and took me by the hand leaving my blouse on the floor and along with his wife led me to the bedroom. There was a slight chill which made my nipples even harder and more sensitive.

In a matter of seconds I was undressed and on my back laying on crisp white sheets with him exploring my breasts with his mouth.

He didn't bother with the usual oral pleasantries and in seconds was inside me his cock deep inside my pussy stretching me again, his larger than normal ball sack slapping me with every thrust. She wasn't to be left out and was enjoying exploring the whole of my body with her mouth. I managed to get my hand between her legs and enter her with my fingers. She soon had her orgasm and just lay there as her husband fucked me.

She got up and left the room whilst his thrusting became urgent, his hands grabbing and squeezing my sensitive breasts. I wrapped my legs round his neck so I could get as much of him into me as I could and we came. As he grunted and shuddered I felt cum pouring into me. Then he was softer, gently thrusting slowing down, kissing me on the lips so gently and he came again a little less this time.

He was still rocking gently making love to me when his wife came back this time with his brother and his wife, both naked. No one said anything, my lover slid his big and still hard cock out and lay there next to me. His brother got onto the bed and took his place, no for play just lay on top of me and slid his cock in where his brothers had just been. Of course I was wet with cum so it was easy for him. There was clear that he wanted nothing else but a fuck and almost immediately he was thrusting and grunting my body sliding up the bed with each hard thrust.

The fact I was fucking my second man seconds after the first had filled me with his seed was erotic and exciting and

I found myself thrusting to get him as deep as I could into me his wife filling my mouth with her tongue, biting my nipples, putting her hands round my neck and kissing me like long lost lovers. It was all too much for him and he come inside me, mixing his cum with his brothers. Then, as he slid off his wife replaced him and ground her pussy on mine and we fucked for all to see. Her breasts swinging as we fucked as hard as we could.

I don't know how long our new friends had been there but as I lay on my back letting her have me I looked over and saw the young beauty bent over a chair with her partner / boyfriend fucking her doggy style.

They stared at me whilst fucking and I had the urge to get them in bed with me. I had my second or was it third orgasm that evening and she lay on me.

But someone took her by the arm and pulled off my latest lesbian lover, I opened my eyes in time to see the new young stud kneeling next to me. He knelt up and I took him in my mouth for a little while before laying back and opening my legs and letting him in.

He was firm but gentle thrusting laying on top of me, his whole body rubbing against mine instead of at arms length. I wrapped my legs round his wast and my hands on his buttocks and enjoyed being filled by a young man again.

His girlfriend looked lost, her deep blue eyes wide open. She was still bent over the chair but this time with my first lovers cock in her. I held my hand out to her and she came to sit on the bed.

She is perfect, slim, beautiful with a look that makes her appear shy. Her breasts no more than mounds with tiny nipples and I so wanted them in my mouth.

Her boyfriends thrusting became more urgent and I knew what to expect and as he reached his climax I came yet again but I don't know if it was the feeling of hot young cum flowing into me or the fact that I wanted her.

He continued to thrust and came again before moving away exhausted.

By now I was soaking with perspiration and out of breath so I couldn't say anything. I just lay there wet and full of cum from three men. But she was beautiful and I didn't want to let her go. I wasn't sure if girl on girl sex was her thing but fuck I hoped so.

She looked around, the men chatting and panting watching the two sisters in law straddling each other on the floor and she lent forward and kissed me so gently on the lips.

I didn't give her a chance to pull away and pulled her on top of me, she took a quick deep breath and kissed me again. But I wanted to be in control. So far I hadn't been , I was the toy, men fucked me how they liked and the girls did the same but now it was time for me. I pushed her onto her back and put my mouth round her breasts. They did fit completely in my mouth and I sucked and flicked her solid nipple with my tongue. My fingers found her pussy and she squealed and bucked.

That was too much for me and I just had to taste her so I went down and explored her love hole with my mouth. Her juices are so sweet I must have cleaned her out.

Then I moved gently up to her beautiful lips and we made love.

It was wonderful, her legs wrapped round me, our soaking wet cunts grinding gently and my breasts covering hers totally. I adored rubbing my nipples against hers, It was wonderful and beautiful.

We just stared into each others eyes and fucked to our hearts content. I wanted everyone to watch but I looked over and all I could see where bodies wrapped around bodies. I'm not sure who was fucking who.

But I was fucking her and it was everything. It was gentle at time and animal fucking at others then back to gentle love making. I let her take my much larger breasts and explore it with her mouth, the sucking a little painful at times with both of us exploring each other pussies with out fingers. Then we came both of us shaking, trebling at the delight of what we had done for each other.

We lay there too exhausted to move. Her partner and the brother came for seconds but we pushed them away, neither of us wanting to spoil the moment.

We did allow the other girls, my friend and her sister in law to eat out our pussies, me of the enormous amounts of cum still in there and her of whatever sweet juice I had left.

So now that's where my life has ended up, from dutiful wife mother to a bi sexual fuck buddy for three men and women.

Some times I find it difficult to concentrate, I have given myself a good talking to becouse I find myself having coffee with friends watching people around me choosing who I would fuck if I had the chance. I even had a 'moment' with one of my close girlfriend.s

So, thank you for your support. If anything amazing or different happens I will be sure to let you know.

Cara xx