Written by Essex Slut Wife

18 Nov 2008

Oh my god I can\'t believe what I did over the weekend!

My husband Robin had an old friend from university come over from Ireland to visit us, who we hadn\'t seen since our wedding over 10 years ago. John is quite good looking and has the body of a man 10 years younger than his 42 years.

After we put the kids to bed John pulled out a bottle of Irish whiskey and insisted we drank it with him. Soon I was feeling light headed and started to find his flirting arousing.

I had to go to the loo and whilst in there decided I was going to leave my panties off! When I went back in I sat on the sofa next to John, opposite Robin. One more whiskey later and John\'s hands were starting to wander. I looked at Robin, who shrugged his shoulders, so I let John continue. In no time John discovered my little secret, which shocked hubby no end.

The next thing I knew John was between my legs lapping away at my wet slit, with Robin sitting open mouthed just staring. John certainly knows how to use his tongue and soon I was getting close to cumming. Suddenly Robin thrust his rock hard penis between my lips, glistening with precum. I opened wider as he began to fuck my mouth as if it were my pussy. John took this a sign and decided to put his cock in me too. My god he was a big boy!

After only a couple of minutes Robin filled my mouth with his hot juices and the sight of cum dribbling down my chin sent John over the edge too, meaning that I was soon full downstairs too! After finishing the bottle we retired upstairs and spent the rest of the night enjoying each others bodies.

In the morning Robin let John fuck me again, while he took the boys out to football, before John had to go and catch his flight home.

So far Robin and I haven\'t mentioned the events of the weekend to each other but I fear he has unleashed a monster within me!