Written by Shaz

13 May 2010

My fellow John and I both in our late 40s, and have just joined a local swingers group through SH. Our youngest daughter as just left home for Uni, and the house is empty and at times lonely. We decided last October to spice our sex lives, we started off with toys and videos. Then a colleague at work started talking about a swingers group her and her old man are in. So I put the idea to John, he said if that's what you want then lets try it, so looking on the Internet we found SH and arranged to meet a couple in a bar in Derby.

We could not believe how good they looked, Charlie was athletic looking, and Jo had a body to die for, I could see John wanted to fuck her right there. We asked them how they got into swinging, Jo said we have both had affairs, and in the past I have slept around a bit, but joining a swingers group is safer, health wise and you will get home safe at night or the following morning, it's more controlled we all look out for each other, if we get a wrong one in he or she is kick out and not invited back, also if you don't want do something just say no, you are doing it for your enjoyment.

After a few beers we arranged to meet Charlie and Jo in an hotel the following Friday, Charlie booked a room and met him in the bar, he took us the room which was a large family room and Jo was there with a bottle of bubbly, we sat and talked on the bed Charlie then me, Jo then John. It wasn't long before John and Jo started to explore each other, Charlie started to explore me but I was still unsure, the others sensed this and we started to talk again, told a few stories about sexual positions and other partners.

Then Charlie said do you take it up the arse, before I could answer John said she loves it, then I said yes but John always wears condom, and I have always wondered what's it liked to be arse creamed. Well that the broke the ice and it wasn't long before John was shagging Jo and I was sucking Charlie's cock then he started to fuck me stopping just before he came, I got on top of him riding his cock, he again eased me off before he came.

Charlie got me on my knees and turned John, who's first then me or you, John looked at me and said you go first. Charlie put some lube around my arse, put a finger in to lube the inside a little and then he slowly entered his cock into my arse, he then started to pump me, Jo had started to play with my pussy, whilst John stood waiting slowly wanking to keep his cock hard, It did not take Charlie long to chuck his load and I was surprised as I felt his spunk as he came up me, before he drawn his cock out he told John to get ready, Charlie out, and John in and it's his the first time without a condom, and he gets sloppy seconds, John took a lot longer because he'd already chuck his load up Jo about 10 minutes earlier, but he did chuck his load, for my first ever arse cream and it ended up being a 99, After all this activity I was knacked and collapsed on the bed.

We cleaned ourselves up had some more champers, talked and then after hour or 2 we started again. We joined Charlie and Jo's swingers group. I have been arse creamed once since with John.