Written by Mywisk

22 Aug 2013

It was a number of years ago whilst in the forces. At the time I was still living in the barrack block although engaged at the time to my future wife. I had over the years had the occasional dream of being taken by a man and having hot bi,gay sex but always brushed it aside as something of nothing as I did not find men attractive in anyway and loved nothing more than a juicy pussy.

I had become good friends with a lad, Alan, I worked with and often we would go out to the base bars together with other work friends. It was on one occasion that was the same as all the rest until we got back to the block. Alan and I lived in the same block so as we all split our ways at the end of the night except Alan and I who walked together to our block. Alan asked if I wanted to go to his room for drink before I went to bed. This was not unusual and I agreed.

Our conversation got onto sex and we openly discussed in detail our experiences. The conversation became very detailed regarding oral sex. I started to get very turned on and started to wonder if Alan was flirting with me. I felt my cock growing as I imagined Alan sucking me off. I was still very unsure if Alan was flirting and did not want to make a fool of myself by making a move. I came up with a plan, which at the time I thought was very clever.

I made an excuse that I needed to go to the toilet, in the block it was single rooms with group ablutions, I left the room but instead of going to the toilets walked a few steps then undid my flies and moved my bulge so it gaped out on clear show. My though was if I walk in Alan's room and he sees my bulge he will make his move if not I can dismiss it as forgot to do my flies.

Really turned on I entered his room and made sure that as I passed Alan he had no choice but to see my bulge.

Straight away Alan said, do you want a blow job, I could not stop myself, before he could say anything else I pulled my throbbing cock out and stood in front of him.

He grabbed my shaft and licked my end, he started to flick his tongue quickly over my throbbing end before taking me deep into his mouth. It was fantastic, he sucked me hard and fast. It was without doubt the best blow job I had ever had. I actually found my knees trembling as my cock exploded in his mouth. He sucked me dry and cleaned me with his tongue.

He then asked me to take off my jeans and lay on his bed.

I don't think I've ever stripped so fast.

I lay on his bed naked as he stripped. He asked if I had ever been fucked, I said no but instead of being scared or worried I found myself saying, Alan I want you to cum inside me.

He got onto the bed naked and told me I was going to have to best fuck ever. He very slowly slipped his cock, a thin small cock but ideal for a virgin ass, into me.

It was uncomfortable at first and painful with me starting to think I should not be doing this. I gave a little scream as he went deep and said to him I'm not sure I want him to continue. Alan reassured me the pain would ease and I would love it.

He gently pumped me a few more times with each pump becoming more pleasurable. I started to groan with pleasure actually telling him to fuck me harder. He did hard and deep, I suddenly felt him shudder whilst giving out a moan. He was cumming inside me which turned me on more then ever before. He shuddered a few more times before withdrawing.

It was then that we looked at each other and clearly must have thought the same thing...oh god what have we done...without saying anything I got dressed and left his room and went straight to mine. I lay on my bed thinking about what had just happened and before I knew it I was wanking. A couple weeks later I got to fuck him but that's another story...