Written by Fitnfun2017

3 Jan 2018

Whilst I had tried to meet J again before Christmas, we both recognised that we were running out of time.

After writing about my first bi experience with J, he read the story and quickly got in touch, more fired up for our next meeting.

Again I travelled to J’s house and this time I was immediately whisked away to his bedroom.

I’m still feeling nervous although had to explain I had also been unwell and we had to be careful.

J sat on his bed with me in a chair whilst we briefly discussed our last meeting. He was so reassuring and helpful saying he would organise threesomes or anything I wanted.

He was amazed that I hadn’t received a single communication or messages after I wrote my story. It didn’t bother me and I never expected to.

With time moving on we both stood up and J removed my top and trousers. I did the same to him. I wasn’t comfortable kissing him and he made no attempt to try (full marks for remembering). He played with my nipples before kissing them. I did the same to him which soon got his cock moving.

I was already hard and we were both feeling each other for some time whilst still in our underwear.

J removed my shorts and began sucking my cock. I love this. Soon I removed his shorts and we moved to the bed.

Initially we lay side by side. I decided to be bold and began kissing J’s shaft. Soon my tongue was running up and down and then I opened my mouth for the first time and took him inside.

Before this, I had never held an erect cock except my own. His cock was bigger than mine which didn’t bother me because J made me feel normal rather than incomplete or inadequate.

So there I was on the bed with a guy I barely knew, sucking his cock and being complimented about how well I was doing it. Amazing.

J asked me whether I had been rimmed before. Previous girlfriends or my wife had no interest in anal play. I was about to get my second new experience.

J asked my to turn over and he was kissing and licking my hole. Whilst doing this, I was kneeling down which allowed him to slip his hand underneath and continue wanking me. Wow! J exclaimed that he had never seen so much pre cum. I was dripping!

At times he pressed his body against mine. I think he was rubbing his cock against my hole but not trying to penetrate me.

Whilst on the one hand I wanted him to fuck me, it wasn’t the sensible thing to do as I was getting over food poisoning.

After some seriously good rubbing, licking and pulling he turned me onto a virtual side on 69.

I knew I was close to cumming. After all, my cock had received a lot of attention from J’s touch. I didn’t have access to his cock with him being behind me.

I knew I was on the edge of a great orgasm. Yet again my cock is in J’s mouth and it feels so good. The next thing I know I’m exploding inside him again and he sucks me dry.

I continue a mix of sucking and wanking J. He’s getting closer. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth on this occasion. He shot his load over my hand and his tummy.

We both lay there for a while taking in what just happened. I can’t thank J enough for being so patient and understanding. He’s moving at a good pace.

Maybe next time, I will feel lube on my hole and with condom on J could be taking my anal virginity.

Let’s see if I will be writing a part 3.