Written by diablotin69

2 Sep 2009

This is a true story which I posted a couple of years ago. I was 19 years old when this happened to me (I'm 41 now): I was living in Toulon (south of France) and had gone for a late morning walk around the beach towards an area well known for nudist. After a good 10 minutes walk I came to a little cove where a lady in her forties was lying on the sand, nude, tanned and fairly attractive (brunette, 1.72 metre, slim but curvy, trimmed pussy, fairly large breast). I sat on some rocks overlooking her and kept peeping at her, she noticed my presence straight away and started to tease me by opening her legs wider, changing position very slowly to ensure that I could get a good view of all her body. She then started to play with herself, her hand sliding between her legs,caressing her clit, opening her pussy lips, sliding fingers inside her to my great enjoyment. She then asked me to come over to have a closer look and I did. She told me to just look (don't touch) and she made herself come. She then introduced herself (her name was Beatrice) and she explained to me that she was married but was a real exhibitionist who enjoyed meeting younger guys for fun while her husband was at work. She then asked me if I would like to come back to her house for some more private fun as she would love to check the large bulge in my trousers (you've obviously enjoyed the show she told me) . I answered that I would love to and she got dressed and we left the beach. She told me she needed to phone her husband to make sure he was still at work and stopped at a telephone box (no mobile phone in those times) while I sat in her car. 10 minutes later we arrived at her house (a very nice villa with a large garden) and she led me in. I sat in the living room and she went to fix up some drinks and came back with the drinks, wearing only a red and black lacy bra, knickers, suspender with black stockings and high heel shoes and carrying some sex toys. She sat forward on the sofa, legs wide open showing her pussy and ass and I used a silk scarf to blindfold her. I started to touch and kiss her through her knickers, rubbing my hard cock against her wet panties and pussy, I pulled her knickers on the side to see how wet and open she was. When they were wet through with both her juices and my precum, I ripped it off and rubbed it on her lips and tongue so she could taste it and I then gagged her with it . I started exploring her with my hands, fingers, mouth and tongue. I caressed and kissed her breast, nipples, body, legs, playing with her, teasing her, opening, licking, fingering, sucking, rimming her pussy and ass, tasting her juices. She then grabbed my hard cock, I took the knickers out of her mouth and she started sucking it, playing with my smooth balls, sucking and licking them, using my throbbing cock to rub her clit, pussy lips and ass. We went into a 69 position, my cock in her mouth and I started using some of her dildos, pushing them inside her slowly while I licked her. I was eating her and fucking her three holes till she came on my face. She was now on her four and I replaced the dildo with my hot throbbing cock, teasing her first before pushing it deep inside her dripping pussy, telling her how much I was enjoying fucking her. I slid in and out of her while my hand played with her clit, caressing, her ass and hips, talking dirty to her. I then spread her cheeks wide open, spanking her lightly, resting the tip of my dick at the entrance of her ass, I told her to push herself on it, finding her own rhythm, opening slowly to my cock.She then fucked herself on it, slowly to start with and then she fucked herself hard and deep till I was ready to cum. To my surprise, her husband (1.80metre, well built, blond hair, 6 inch cock, no pubic hair) came out of the adjacent room and said: " you dirty little slut you're letting him fuck your ass" he then turned to me and said "are you enjoying fucking all my wife holes you dirty bastard? she seems to enjoy it". I was now out of her ass, semi hard and well embarrassed (maybe worried). He said, I've been watching you for a while and I want to have my fun now. He told his wife to lay on her back on the sofa and told me to fill her dripping pussy with my cock and I did as I was told. He stood near her face and pulled out his hard cock giving it to her to suck. I was now hard again and sliding inside her while she was sucking him and he was talking dirty to her, asking her if she had enjoyed fucking with me while knowing that he was in the next room watching us (that's why she phoned him: to tell him that she was bringing me back so he could get ready to watch). He put his hand in my hair and started to push my face towards his cock, I resisted and was told: "You've enjoyed licking and fucking my wife you little bitch now you're gonna taste my cock and share it with my whore of a wife". No idea what happen in my head but instead of refusing to do what I was told, I found myself licking and sucking his balls while she sucked his bell end. We shared his hard juicy dick, kissing around his cock, tasting his precum, licking him and sucking him in turn or together and I was loving it so much. We kept going until I came inside her, filling her pussy with my cum. He pulled his cock from our mouth and told me to be on my four ready to clean her dripping pussy. I started licking and sucking slowly my own cum mixed with her juices and it tasted nice when I felt his tongue around my ass, He was rimming my tight ass with his tongue and the feeling was just incredible, soon I was lapping at her pussy like a hungry bitch, my face covered with our mixed juices while pushing my ass against his probing tongue. She then went back under me in a 69 position and licked both our cocks, getting me back to stiffness. He then grabbed my hips with his hand and pushed his dick inside me very slowly (quite painfull at first) and just stayed inside me (I lost a bit of stiffness in my cock at first but she kept sucking me and got me back to a decent hardness). He then slowly started to slide in and out of my ass, his wife spreading my cheeks open while sucking me, pushing his cock inside me deeper every time. My muscle started to relax and soon I was the one impaling myself on his hard cock while having my cock sucked and eating a juicy pussy. I came and came in her mouth, spurts after spurts of warm cum (it seemed like I was spurting gallons of cum). She then came out from under me, he came out of my ass and she filled my ass hole with her saliva and my cum (she had kept everything in her mouth) before he pushed himself back inside me and fucked me really hard (and noisily) until he came up my ass. They then proceeded to lick my ass clean of all that cum. I got dressed, got their phone number (come back whenever you want they said), said goodbye and left. It was one of the most incredible fuck I've had but I still could not believe that i had sucked a cock and had my ass fucked by a man. I never contacted them at the time (I was young and quite disturbed by it all) but I've always regretted not doing it again: maybe I'll have the opportunity to try again one day. Hope you've enjoyed my story, feel free to let me know if it turned you on.