Written by Fitnfun2017

2 May 2018

My first foray into my bi side happened because i took the plunge and joined SH. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise as the opportunity would never have arisen.

During my discussions with J it’s clear my sex radar has been permanently switched off. He sees opportunity everywhere and his stories are plentiful where he has enjoyed great sex when least expected.

Looking back over the short time with J, i have experienced so much. When i first spoke to J i mentioned that i would have a bold approach, hence whereas i was against kissing another guy, i pushed myself to do it and am loving my new sexual freedom this relationship has brought.

Before Easter, we were due to meet for the sixth time, but disappointingly, J cancelled in the morning. He then went on holiday leaving me gagging for sex. Messages were flowing between us and hotting up so the anticipation of our next meet was that it was going to get steamy!

The day arrived and we had a last minute change plans, meeting at his friends house. This time, we wanted to use the time well and decided to skip the tea and chat.

I followed J upstairs to his friend’s bedroom. There was a double bed, lots of erotic photos on the wall and a full length wardrobe with mirrored doors.

As soon as i parked my coat on the chair J was on me like a shot. Hot, passionate kissing followed with J pulling me tightly towards him.

My top was quickly removed and J was immediately playing with my nipples and reaching into my trousers to grab my cock. I was already hard.

The kissing continued and then J removed my clothes and i reciprocated. I knealt in front of him and took his growing cock into my mouth whilst watching myself in the mirror. J had trimmed the hair around his balls and i was soon licked and taking them into my mouth before slowly working my way up his shaft and taking in his entire length.

We moved onto the bed into a side on 69. I gave J’s cock plenty of attention but always remember to play with his nipples which is a particular hot spot.

J played with my arse, tracing the lines to my cock before opening his lips and sucking the tip and then further down to take my entire length. It’s a great feeling and i’m loving the attention. J’s hands are great and he has a way of keeping you on the edge by using his fingers to tease, exploring different lines, then following this with his tongue.

I expected to be fucked again but J had other plans. Today, roles were reversed and J wanted me to fuck him. A new experience for me was beckoning as i had never had anal sex with previous girlfriends or my wife. Maybe it’s because i enjoy a good wet pussy and it hadn’t occurred to me. Maybe i wasn’t bold enough to explore in those days.

I lay on my back on the bed as J stood up and reached for the lube. J wanted me to fuck him bareback and i agreed. He prepared his hole and applied lube on my cock.

I wanted J to sit on my cock and ride me so we could be face to face. Not today. I knelt on the bed and took him from behind. J guided my cock into his entrance. I pushed a little and paused as J let out a gasp. Having checked he was OK, i pushed gently forward and was soon balls deep in his arse. It was tight and not as wet as a pussy, but it was good.

Withdrawing slowly to allow the lube to work, i pushed forward again. J commented that i had good girth, something i wasn’t aware of.

After a few minutes, we changed position and i spooned him. This wasnt so great. Maybe it was the angle or the fact I’m not long enough so he moved to the side of the bed and i stood up. He was a bit too far forward but went for it.

Entering J again was easier now. I have to reach onto tiptoe which didnt give me the ideal positon to fuck hard. I gripped J’s pelvis and increased my pace and the force of my thrusts. After a while i felt the familiar urges beginning as i tell J “I’m cumming.” I keep thrusting until i feel my cock explode inside J’s arse. It feels great but not a shuddering orgasm I get when J last gripped my cock and wanked me over him.

When I withdraw, i expect J will prepare me to be fucked but he announces he requires a rest. We lie on the bed looking up at the ceiling for a few minutes reflecting on what just happened.

J decides that he wants me to wank him off. He loves the idea of being covered in man juice and i oblige. Gripping his cock, i proceed to wank him slowly and then quicken my pace. I’m determined to make him shoot really hard so i maintain pressure and pace. When he eventually cums, rather than release, i quicken my pace which sends J into an explosive fit. Spunk is shot everywhere, great spurts and lots of it!

From our last story, J mentioned his wank towel by the bed. With him lying on the bed covered in spunk, i reach for the towel telling him I better do my Walter Raleigh duty. We both laugh.

By now, i am hard again and J wants to add my juice to his. However, time is running short and i know that it will take ages for me to shoot again. So we decide to dress and end our session.

On reflection, i enjoyed this session having fucked someone’s arse for the first time. It was different and i would definitely do it again. J knows that I want him to fuck me in more positions too so we have so much to look forward to.

J is keen to introduce me to his friend Malcolm for a threesome. I’m not ready for that yet. I want more fucking, more hard wanks and blowjobs before I will consider spit roasting which will definitely happen.

Watch out for the next installment of the bi adventures of J and P.