Written by Fitnfun2017

14 May 2018

It’s been weeks since my last meet with J. I cancelled one meet and him another leaving us both frustrated.

J has a lodger and advised me that she was going on holiday...only he got the dates wrong. This meant we missed a meeting we’d planned. We rearranged for Sunday morning expecting her to be going out with her weekend guest.

On arriving at J’s he explained both the lodger and guest were still in the house. Damn!

I’m feeling horny and one way or another there was going to be action in the house that day.

Following J to his bedroom we chat away until he closes the door. Immediately he walks to the head of the bed and kisses me. I thought this was a caution to the wind approach and then I am invited to sit and chat.

J sits opposite me and pretty soon he is rubbing leg. That’s it. I stand, remove my tracksuit top and we stand kissing for a few minutes getting hot and steamy.

My mind is on stripping J and I’m not thinking about the lodger and friend. I want to get into J’s pants fast.

Having removed my t shirt, J takes his off and i pull his tracksuit bottoms and underwear down and wrap my mouth around his cock. J wasnt expecting this and comments on my speed.

I continue to suck J’s cock to hardness, breaking off so he can remove my tracksuit bottoms and underwear.

We move to the bed and immediately I get one hand on his cock and the other finding his left nipple. J loves having lots of attention on his nipples but i prefer to busy myself sliding my tongue up and down his erect cock. I push further down onto his balls licking and kissing each one in turn before heading further south. I was hoping he would be shaved but it seems him and Veet are enemies with him coming out in a rash.

Fingering his ass and yet not trying to penetrate, i slowly return north to J’s cock and take his full length. I always enjoy oral sex and whilst my preference is still on women, i love the feedback from teasing with my tongue, allowing it to explore the difference sides, crevices either side and underneath, whilst J lets out little gasps.

I’m moved onto my back and J pushes my legs wide. I love the attention I get in my groin as he licks and kisses me. Hands are sliding either side of my cock tracing my groin down towards my ass thunbs working on my balls before fingers slide again. I’m expecting to be rimmed, but not today. The teasing continues. Am i being prepared for the arse pounding J has promised me?

J takes my entire length in his mouth. I could have him suck and play with me for hours! He sucks and drives his tongue repeatedly on my balls before returning to my cock again. I’m lying back, totally in the moment whilst occasionally leaning forward to squeeze J’s nipples or reach lower for his cock.

J kneels higher and i think he’s going to penetrate me with his cock but he stops. Suddenly my legs are down and J is lying on top of me kissing my face off whilst our cocks are rubbing together with his hands joint wanking.

Minutes laterJ pulls away and I’m expecting him to go for the lube. I’m still lying on my back and he moves into a scissor position. I really wasnt expecting this but I’m not complaining.

J reaches for my cock and begins wanking me. I can feel the sap rising and soon I tell him I am cumming.

Oh my god! The explosion from cock was huge. This was definitely a porn movie cum shot which I am tremendously proud of. I can’t recall a time where I shot so many spurts of thick white cum. It was incredible! An eruption worth waiting for.

When i came down, i grabbed J’s cock and returned the favour. As usual, J remains silent, withdrawing inwardly to enjoy the experience. I switch hands and very soon he shoots upwards and backwards, covering his body in cum. I thought that he would be enjoying this, as he loves to be covered in cum!

When he finishes twitching, J sits back and stands at the end of the bed. He hands me his wank towel and uses another to clean up.

That’s the end of our session today. We dress and J makes the tea.

On reflection, J would have been conscious of the lodger and friend overhearing us, hence the reason why he chose not to fuck me or me him. It would have been too intense and noisy!

We now have dates in the diary for our next session when the house will be empty. I can’t wait for that as there will indoubtedly be a lot of fucking and the volume will most definitely rise! Christ, if i can ever cum as well as I did today, then I can die a happy man.

Roll on 19th May.