Written by granandme

13 Jul 2011

In the late seventies I was 23/24 and had just come out of a long relationship and of course was now like the spare prick at a wedding as everyone else was attached. I consoled myself by spending far too much time in the pub and drinking too much, but at the time it seemed like a good idea. One night on entering I noticed a woman standing over by the juke box, one that I had never seen before, so being a complete sex maniac and at the time a frustrated one I thought I’d better have a look. She was quite tall, maybe 5.8 and a was dressed in a low cut top showing plenty of cleavage and had on a pencil skirt with a split right up to the thigh, through this I spied the top of a stocking, which made me even more interested. I have to say she as no raving beauty facially, but not ugly just plain, she noticed my attention and said hello. We struck up a conversation, it seemed her Granny lived next door but one to the pub and she was staying there for a week with her sister. We continued over the next couple of hours drinking and talking, whilst having a game of darts and at closing time we had agreed to go out for a meal the next evening. Due to my car being off the road and her not wanting to go on the back of my 750 Honda, we were to meet in the pub and then go on in her car with me driving as I knew the roads locally.

Next night I turned up slightly before the allotted time, I always like to be early and ordered a quick whisky as I was hoping to get a shag and didn’t want to be blown out with beer. She arrived 10 minutes later and had on what I could only describe as an oriental style dress, knee length very close fitting and silk in appearance, she looked good. Well apart from the permed hair that she’d had done that day, which made her look like Fozzy bear, but hey I just wanted to get her on the end of my dick. So off we went in her Renault 8, the one were the back and the front look the same, with the engine at the back and arrived at the pub that I knew with a nice restaurant attached, where we duly had a nice meal. During which she told me she was married, shit I thought and that her hubby worked on the oil rigs off the Norfolk coast, but had not shown any interest in her for months, consequently she was off men! Great I thought there goes my fuck. The conversation continued in this vain until we left, with me having stuck to the whiskies, but being convinced that any chance of sex had flown out of the window.

So we drove back to her grannies and pulled up in front of the house, we chatted and she thanked me for a lovely evening etc. Being me I thought ok well I’d better kiss her goodnight and get out of here, so I kissed her and she seemed to be liking it, so I thought ok, in for a penny and stuck my hand between her legs and rubbed her pubic bone through her panties. Well she went wild, not in a bad way, in a great way but after the evening conversation I was astounded, she pulled away from me and launched herself over the seat and into the rear of the car, frantically trying to extricate herself from her clothing, drive somewhere quiet, quickly she told me! Well between my lack of time driving the Renault especially in reverse and my now very stiff cock, I stripped quite a lot of syncromesh off the gearbox, but soon had us in a field entrance that I knew on a very quiet lane. On stopping the car and turning around she was on the rear seat naked, with her legs well akimbo and was massaging her clit, come and lick me she said, Who was I to say no! I go out of the car, striped off in the darkness and then re-entered the land of pleasure and what pleasure it was. I worked her pussy over big time with mouth and fingers, she sucked my cock like it had never been sucked before, giving me my first ever throat fuck in the process, man I thought this bird is a real dirty bitch. Then she made me sit opposite and wank myself, so she could get herself off watching me, as soon a she orgasmed she turned her arse towards me so I could fuck her doggy style and then she helped me into her arse, the first time I’d done that too, here I eventually shot a very large load and she licked off the remnants. Christ, wait till I tell the boys about this one I thought as I walked the ½ mile home after driving her back again to grannies. I arrived home at about 3am so I’d been fucking her for about 3 hours and a what a session, but I went straight into the bathroom and washed my best feature down with hot water and Domestos, just in case!

The next night I went down for a drink and she greeted me with a kiss as we met in the bar, several of my local mates looked on in surprise as they knew nothing of our night out. She thanked me for a lovely night out and then added in a whisper in my ear that she really enjoyed our fucking session, best she’d had for a while, my pleasure I told her I enjoyed it too. I noticed another new girl at this point sitting on the corner of a table over by the juke box, she was short and fairly well covered but had on a short skirt that was well up her thigh and again I noticed stockings. My conquest saw me looking and said that’s my little sister, well I told her apart from a liking for stockings you don’t seem to have much in common, well looks wise at least. Actually we have a lot in common even if we look different, in fact she said, I told her all about last night and how good you were with that weapon of yours and sis asked if she could come along and join in next time? Suddenly I’m sat in my local with a monster cock protruding out of the front of my pants, I’ve died and gone to heaven I thought! I eventually managed to regain enough composure to say yes please, her sis came over and chatted with us and boy was she full of innuendo, I got the feeling she was going to be like her older sister, if not even dirtier in Bed. We had a few drinks and arranged to meet in her Grannies house the next night, early! As granny whom I knew well was off to play darts with the ladies team, ok 7pm, I can’t wait.

I had a stiffy on all day thinking about getting to fuck the two of them, but thankfully the day flew by, after a meal then it was a bath and polish up my bits before walking down to meet them. I arrived at 6.58pm and knocked on the door, which was opened by little sis, who was dressed in a negligee and stocking and very little else apart from her high heels. She gave me a real tongue down the throat kiss and invited me in. In the lounge of the little terraced cottage sat big sis on the settee watching a blue movie on the video and dressed in a basque type bodice with no top to it, she also had on stocking and heels, but nothing else. I nearly tripped over my dick before sitting down and next to her and giving her a good snog, of course I couldn’t help but then kiss her tits and stick my fingers down into her exposed pussy, she moaned with pleasure. Then to my total surprise and I still get hard thinking about it 30 years later my hand that was playing with her clit was gently moved aside and as I looked down little sis stuck her tongue into big siss’s pussy. For a second I was totally gob smacked then a voice said I told you we had a lot in common! Fuck what a night, I’d never had the pleasure of two bi women before, although like most men it was a fantasy I hoped for, but for them to be sisters as well, amazing. I did things that night to those two and had things done to me that probably made me the swinger that I am today. Sadly after a night of total debauchery, I went home fucked, well and truly. The next day they had gone home unexpectedly due to a family crisis back in Norfolk and I never saw them again, mores the pity!