Written by Lipspreader8

6 Jul 2009

My first black babe

I had been speaking to this girl on a site her name is Tia, When first we met she captured me.

What a lovely black babe to have for my first time. She asked me to strip for her and as I did, when I removed my white pants her eyes said it all. God you are a big boy have you any foreign blood in you. I said no English through and though. Are you ok with the size of it she licked her lips and said umm. I lay on her bed and she started kissing me all down my body and was examining my piercings in my sack. She started playing with my piercings and my balls then slipping her hand up my rigid tool and started licking my helmet and then engulfed my dome head with her mouth then back and forth. Making slight slurping noises, then umm that’s nice she carried on giving john Thomas the attention it required. Whilst I was running my hand over her gorgeous ebony skin thinking this is one gorgeous young lady of 25 years old and looking up my body with big bright eyes and a dark ebony face with her pink tongue licking my dome head.

I then slipped my arms down to reach for her head and beckon her to crawl up the bed, I wanted to savour everything. Every part of her beautiful body, I brought her head up level with mine and kissed her full on the lips and probing her lips with my tongue, my tongue slipped in to her mouth, passed her lips and running my tongue round the inside of her mouth and along the inside of her teeth. Which made her giggle as she giggled her mouth opened wider and I started deep French kissing her. Which made her gasp for breath whilst snogging her face off, I was tweaking her nipple of her 32E fabulous ebony bosom with large nipples about 12cm in length. 22” waste 32” hips Her hands were on the back of my head and she was gasping deep breaths while sucking one deep into my lips and tweaking the other after some pleasurable time spent on them. I kissed down her body till I reached her beautifully formed and shaped pussy lips, I put my thumbs on each dark lips and eased them apart and dipped my tongue inside, into her beautiful pink crevice, I could see the little man in the boat and did I rock his boat flicking it with the tip of my tongue. After some special treatment on her clit I moved back up her body till I reached her lips and kissed her full on the lips and slit my cum covered tongue into her beautiful lips so for her to taste her inner self. As my cock nudged against her pussy entrance, she said woe and she jumped of the bed and ran and got some lube which she put on her entrance and the lips of her pussy. She said I want some lube on me before I take that, it will split me in too. I said I won’t hurt you Hun as I fingered her pussy spreading the lube all over every part. Then I held the tip against her entrance and just eased it in gently as she gasped I eased out a little and then back in a little. Then it gave way and slipped in further, so with some easing in and out pushing further with every stroke and then some serious fucking. I would have thought a black girl would be used to a big one, But with this ebony beauty it was just like taking a virgins virginity. She was so tight so fucking beautiful.