Written by Just Bob

30 Dec 2011

It was before the term "cougar" was used back in the early eighties when I had my first older woman. I was just twenty two at the time I knew Ann from the bar I hung out in. On the weekends there was a great band that play rock, pop, country, and some oldies. Allways a good time at that bar.

My friend Jon was getting married and hired the band for the reception. The day of the wedding my date cancelled. I called Julie in the band, told her of my situation, to get Ann's number and ask her out. Well A gave Ann a call and she agreed. When I got to her house she looked stunning for I had only seen her in bar light before. At the recption we drank and danced the night away.

Well after a fun evening I drove Ann home and saw her to the front door. Gave her a kiss good night and she kissed me back in a way never know to me. Ann invited me in for coffee. Coffee small talk led to a heavy make out session. Soon Ann's dress was off. She stood, in white lace bra and panites, about 5'7" and 125 pounds slender frame capped with perky b-cups. She led me into her bedroom and proceed to remove my clothes. My erection sprang out to meet her lips. Hard and horny as hell I had to stop her or bust a nut. We were on the bed and I sucked her hard nips thru the bra and slid a hand inside her panties. Ann shivered as I rubbed her clit and moaned as I slipped a finger into her wet slit. Fill me now she spoke as her hands lowered her panties off. I wass on top of her as she guided me in. Slowly I pumped her hips met my every stroke. Ann's intense orgasm tiggered mine filling her with my cum. As I softend and slid out she held me tight. I was ready for some sleep, Ann had other plans.

Ann licked my cock clean of our love juices, no other woman I had been with would give oral after intercouse. When she had me hard again she took a position on all fours. I entered her form behind. Started with a good pace Ann fucked back with a passion. I reached under and played and pinched her nipples and she came. I kept plunging away into her now rubing her button. Ann bucked with a third orgasm. I had to grab her hips and ride it out. Still pumping, much slower now, Ann said I was a machine. When are you going to cum??? Next she reched under and fondled my sack. Her fingers stroked me where no other woman had almost to my anus and back to the balls. A few laps there and I exploded for the second time...

I had nothing left but to spoon and sleep....