Written by L

18 Feb 2007

The stories here really take me back to the start of my adventures. It all started when I was 18. I discovered one of the first contact mags. At the time it was badly typed & copied with few photos but it was based locally in Nottingham & most of the adverts were from genuine people.

I took to getting the mag every 6 weeks and writing off to several promising couples. You had to send an SAE with each letter for a hope of response.

The first genuine couple I met hit the jackpot!

The add read " J adores 3 some" I wrote & got a reply within 5 days, a record for the time , I think!

J and her husband told me to meet them at Markeaton Park in Derby that Friday night. They would be in a big Rover in the top corner of the car park at 9.00pm I had no car but borrowed my dads estate car for the night & arrived early, scared but very excited by the prospect of meeting real sexual people for the first time.

I had lost my cherry at 14 years old, 5th in line for a gang bang but after that it had mainly been fumbles in the cinema night clubs and park benches.

Any how, the time came around slowly & a big Rover cruised to a stop near my car. His lights flashed & I flicked mine in recognition. Immediately, the passenger door opened & out got a vision of sexual female womanhood. She was around 30 long, dark hair & in the limited light she looked foreign. She had on a full length real fur coat down to delicious high heal shoes.

She walked up to my car , I opened the window. Are you L ? she asked in a very up market accent. Yes , I whispered. Then let me in & follow my husbands car.

I did as she asked & her hand immediately stroked up my leg towards my rock hard erection. Nice, she murmered. Do you enjoy oral sex? Yees I stammered at which she immediately unzipped me and began to lick and suck on my engorged cock. I was trying to drive Dads car , follow her hubby and concentrate on the delicious sounds or satisfaction & encouragement she was making. Why I didnt crash, god knows!!

Soon we left the main road & entered the drive of a local golf course. A few hundred yards up there was a small car park & hubby left room for my car in the corner by a thick bush. I parked up, J `s head still bobbing enthusiastically in my lap as hubby got out and came over to my estate.

Hi, he said, Ime A. Bizarrely, we shook hands as his wife lapped my frantic organ. "Why dont you let the back seat down & make yourselves more comfortable" He asked? J came off my cock, looked at him & said" This young man has a beautifull cock" She licked her rouged lips lasciviously as I zipped percy reluctantly away.

We sorted the seat & she removed the full length mink, or rat or whatever & laid in on the car seats. I was stunned. She was every boys wet dream. Under the coat she was naked except a garter belt, silk stockings and the high heals. Her brests were small, pert with long deliciously hard long nipples. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with a small tight mound. Her skin was exotically dark (I later found out she was three quarter asian. She was a perfect size 10, five foot six and as feminine as any man could wish for. I was 18 remember and had got to heaven!

She laid down on her fur & I behan to explore her. She was responsive and delicious to taste. She had a rich expensive purfume. Her mouth was rouged with slightly smeared dark red lipstick. She french kissed me, held my throbbing cock and played me like a fiddle!

She was Mrs Robinson without the need to seduce me.

After I had hesitently gone down on her, inexpertly licking her pussy, tasting the hot musk of her, she gently pushed me onto the fur on my back. She took a condom from hubby, expertly rolled it onto my dick and slowly straddled me.

She sunk onto my cock sighing with pleasure. At this, bizarrely, a light came on. Hubby had a torch which he shone at the point we joined whilst using his other hand to bring himself off.

J continued to ride me. Slowly gaining momentum until she shuddered into a series of small, gentle orgasms. Hes sounds encouraged me & I exploded into the condom almost dying with the pleasure I can still remember some 32 years on!

She shuddered again, kissed me full on the lips, her tongue darting into my mouth & looked me in the eyes. Her dark exotic eyes were full of lust. " Do you want to do this again, she asked. Oh god yes, I responded. She gently released her tight pussy grip on my cock & came off me keeping a hold of the condom. It was still on my cock when hubby reached over with a few tissues and took the condom off my now flaccid prick.

I got out the car into the chill night & quickly dressed. J put on the coat, kissed me once & got into the Rover. He handed me a piece of paper. Ring me next week , he said.

At that he got in his car, starterd the engine and was gone!

I drove back home & Dad asked if ide had a good time. Not bad, thanks, I said & ran to my room for 3 or 4 wanks that night reliving my first taste of real woman.

Little did I know then but that was to be my first of countless trips with J & A. As well as opening up the world of sex to a good looking well built 18 year old with a real love of sex. But we`ll leave that to be continued if you enjoyed my first instalment.