Written by dingo_dave

15 Mar 2012

Now I've been on this site for a while, I've had a few meets but being a single young guy I'm not in too much demand. I've always fancied a club but didn't fancy it on my own so thought I'd give dogging a try. After one night of driving around the Swansea area and not bumping into anyone I meet an older guy who while waiting for a couple gave me so advice on the local area and hints and tips of the "trade". Two nights later I thought I'd give it a good go and my luck was in, I entered a widely used spot near Swansea to see a car and a guy standing next to it - and a hand coming out. I plucked up the courage and when I saw the light on headed over. I was greeted but a very attractive early thirtys blonde woman who smiled and said hello. My knees were shaking and the guy had move to the passenger seat with her partner in the back. She opened up her White top to reveal her breasts and her corset, with no underwear and a tidy blonde landing strip.  I unzipped and pulled my cock out, at which point she smiled again and commented on how hard I looked.  She then let the guy in the passenger seat play with her pussy and her partner play with her tits, I was in full stroke as she enjoyed two guys playing with her while she watched me.  She then took my spare hand and moved it over her pussy, so I started flicking her clit and occassionally slipping a finger in her. This continued for some time with the three guys taking turns in playing with her clit, her breasts and wanking.  She then sat up and took my hard cock in her hand while wanking off the other guy too, I couldn't believe my luck! My legs were still shaking as she stopped, fingered herself and sucked her partners cock. I was so close and see could tell the other guy was too so she started wanking him and told me to watch how she played with her pussy.  That was too much for me and the other guy and within a couple of minutes she had him cumming all over himself and then watched me cum.  After I had cleaned myself up, she thanked us all, ofcourse I did the same, then we went our seperate ways.  It was a great experience and I'm really looking forward to trying again very soon! I just hope one day I can be the guy in the back watching his partner enjoy herself!!