Written by sheff

10 Oct 2014

Well, they say your first experience is often the best and in my case I'd simply put it right up there as it changed my views of swinging altogether!

I'm a 48 year old bloke who was completely unaware of swinging clubs in the UK in the 1990's, had thought about contact magazines but had never taken the move to really look outside of a relatively happy partnership with my then girlfriend.

At the time I was working for a major company who had projects in Germany and I always tried to go abroad with a day to spare (say a Sunday) so that I could take a look at the place I was staying. In this case I had to go to Nuremburg and I had a hire car and was able to potter about.

On the day I arrived it was pissing it down and I stepped into a coffee shop to chill out and relax. Whilst I was perusing the local paper (can't speak a word of German) I noticed "Swing Club" in the personal ads and whilst I wasn't really sure what it meant, decided to ring the number. To my surprise, thinking it was the good old 0898 number equivalent, I heard a voice......he spoke English and said yes of course you can come to my club.

Right I thought, am I going? Oh fuck it, yeah, 80 miles away......in Regensburg. So off I toddle and yes it took me ages to find this massive house, just off the main road. No sat nav, but I did have to use the mobile.

How many of you get incredibly nervous when you first went to a club or had your first meet? I was on tenter hooks, I was rushing, couldn't think straight, had an amazing hard on as I was driving and I though I was never going to get there.

Once I was in, I just couldn't believe the place at all.

First off, how clean? Wow. Free food. Big buffet. I've still not seen that in any of the UK clubs I've been to since then! (I confess to have seen a few.....lol).

Just up the stairs, open room, sex swing and guy shagging this woman. Fucking hell?

As a watcher as much as a player.....well this was far better than going to a titty bar (with an interesting possible outcome!).

There were probably about 10 couples in there, some playing most just chatting.

After going back downstairs I sat down and a guy came over with two girls, one blonde, one brunette. They asked me who I was and then realised that I was English. They asked whether I was in the army. No I said. Difficult conversation ensued....I couldn't speak German, the blonde spoke passable English.

She told me that her friend, the brunette was her "girlfriend". What does this mean I thought?! But ironically I never really saw evidence.....

20 minutes later the brunette held my hand and took me up the stairs. I hadn't asked her to take me to a room, she just took me, "mock" pushed me down on the bed and undressed me. Lovely silky undies were then pressed over my face, with me looking into the line of her slit and sucking near to where her clit was approximately positioned.

Straight back went my pants, out comes my engorged cock and she proceeded to push her mouth all the way down my 7.5 inch shaft, licking it, then swallowing it whole.

Within about one minute, she'd climaxed over my face and gushed tiny squirts through her knickers.....wow.....fuck me, it's still horny thinking about it now.

What she did next was totally unexpected.

Up she gets and motions for me to wait there.

Back she comes with a tampon in her hand. Strange?

Well she slipped it in her pussy and turned round offering me her arse, but clearly not her pussy. I slipped on a condom, but for what ever reason, didn't place myself inside her. I played by touching her bum hole lightly and inserting my little finger.

After a while she wanted to wank me and she pulled off the condom and I spunked up and down her bum crack....wow...I was so frigging horny by then anyway (80 mile drive, lost, chatting, waiting, foreplay had done it for me!).

I then slipped my spunky finger into her arse hole and she screamed out with pleasure! (I still can't believe I didn't insert my cock).

After that, we went downstairs. The excitement of sitting between the blonde and the brunette in the sauna, one had bit beautiful tits who was about 28, my "new partner" telling me she was 40. Both were stunning!

Later on we went into this play room while the blonde rode her boyfriend next to my face. I didn't touch.....(I would now!). My brunette removed the tampon and we 69'd for ages.....

The funny thing is that I didn't fuck this girl and it kind of better.

I left the club after 6 hours of amazing foreplay, no penetration at all and swapping my phone number with the brunette. Sadly it's years ago and I now can't remember her name.

Amazingly she got her son to ring me when I was back in the UK to chat with her (he could speak English), the call going via my then girlfriend. She was none the wiser, but I was bricking it in case she put 2 and 2 together!

So why so horny. I never fucked her. The tampon, my first time and the sexy blonde with the amazing arse right by my face.

Since then I've experienced all sorts. But as sexy as these moments.......hum???????