Written by Likeitwantit

21 Oct 2010

This is a true story from the late 1960's. I was working at the local fairground during college holidays. I had the occasional fumble on the back row of the cinema but nothing else really, like most youngsters, was very keen to learn.

I really enjoyed working on the fairground rides and making new friends, across the way from where I worked was a rifle stall run by Barbara 39 with short blonde hair, and really nice looking lady. She used to make me a cup of tea at breaks and we got on very well. I was conscious of my cock hardening every time we met which I was embarrassed about. One day we were sat chatting when she asked me if I had had a girlfriend yet, I told her I hadn't and she asked if I would like her to be my first, I didn't know what to say but goit a strange, tingling feeling all over. I mumbled yes I would like that. She asked what time I was finishing tonight, 7pm, and she said wait around until she finished and we could go to her flat for a drink before I went home.

I couldn't wait for 7pm to come round, I was so excited, when I finished I went over to her stall and she said she was finishing and wait. A few minutes later she came across to me, mini skirt and tight top, she'd put on makeup and looked mmm. I suppose I was like a little puppy walking alongside her, she chatted about all sorts and in no time we were at her basement flat. I was very nervous but my cock was hard and throbbing as we went into the bedsit. She told me to sit on the bed whilst she poured me a drink. She sat next to me and asked if I wanted to kiss her, oh yes! She started to kiss me gently at first then put her tongue in my mouth and kept explaining , between long kisses, what she was doing and how I should respond. It was very exciting and my cock was rock hard and I knew I was going to cum as I could feel it. She told me that she had 'a thing' for young boys and she would teach me how to fuck. She knew it was my first time.

She told me to stand up and stood next to me pushing her boobs into my chest whilst she carried on kissing me, her hand slipped down between us and she slowly undid my belt and pulled my jeans down, releasing my cock. She started to wank it totally differently to how I did it, squeezing and twisting it and, after a few seconds, I couldn't hold the cum back and shot all over her skirt and hands, my legs buckled with the pleasure. Don't you cum a lot, she said, then asked if she was the first to hold my cock, yes I told her. She pulled my shirt over my head and she told me to lie down on the bed whilst she slipped off her skirt and top. She had a smooth pussy and small, hard boobs with a slim body. Standing in front of me she squeezed her boobs and showed me how to do that, then pulled her pussy open and showed me her clit and where to rub it, taking my hand and we both rubbed it until she started moaning and started to orgasm making her legs very wet.

By now my cock was hard again and she lay next to me and began to gently wank me again until my cock was hard and then went down and started sucking it, wow, I didn't know you did that and her mouth and her mouth hovered over my cock whilst her tongue licked the tip, after a bit she came back up and asked me did I want her to fuck me. ARE YOU JOKING! She told me to lie back and climbed onto the top of me, hold my cock in her hand she slipped down and I watched as her pussy hovered over the top and then started to slide down my cock until it was all the way in. I remember it being very, very wet and extremely tight. She gently moved up and down on it and took my hands, one on her boobs and the other she placed on her clit and told me to rub her gently. I was in heaven. She fucked me harder and I could feel my cock stiffening more and then I shot another load of cum deep up inside her, as I did so she started to cum arching her back and wetting all my legs.

She climbed off and told me to go and clean up so I washed my cock and got dressed. She gave me a long kiss and told me she would teach me to fuck properly if I wanted to learn, oh yes please, so we arranged to meet again the following night after work for round 2. To be continued.....