Written by jezzabellcarrie

3 Mar 2010

Well my name is Carrie and I have a husband who nags me, yes he nags me.lol I know it's usually us women that do the nagging, but he just would not stop. He has been on at me for over 2yrs now to try black, go on he will say you know you want to, I saw you that guy tonight, I really did not have a clue what he was on about but I play along to keep him happy, No sweetheart I would say, I only want you, he would start to kiss me all over and carress my boobs, working his way down to my honey pot, all the time telling me to imagine it was a black stranger, or the guy I was flirting with earlier.

I would shut off and let him get on with it, got to say at least he makes up for his lack of size with his oral teq, and all ways makes me cum hard, I more recently have come to the conclusion that actually he might not be that good and in fact it was his story telling that was turning me on.

This was proven whilst on holiday a few weeks ago, we went to sharm el shiekh, nice place and warm enough 26 most of the time, going back in the summer apharently it's in the 40's then, anyway back to a few weeks ago, I was down by the pool and topping up my tan, my husband came down and started massaging my back with sun oil, then out of the blue, he said so you fancy a fling with that black guy over there, I'have been watching you eyeing him up, I looked at him and said your mad, and which guy are you on about?

He said you know that one over there he pointed though an archway in the pool I had to sit up to see the guy, like I said your mad it's in your head, I did not even know he was there. As I was saying this the guy stood up and looke straight into my eyes and smiled, I automaticaly smiled back.

My husband said ther you see flirting I knew it, he was actually pissing me off, but having said that I was pleased he had made me sit up I would have missed seeing that hunk, with quite a large bulge, and very buff.

babe , I said you are crazy, but if you keep on I might just do it. My husband looked back towards the black guy who I was to find out later was called jerry, well looks like you have missed your chance, he has dissapeared, well he's probably gone back to his wife to keep her company or to chat, not nag, shall we go to the bar see if they are there, we can chat to them, no honey, you go if you like I am going to catch some more sun,I said, and laid down, my husband said no I will wait for you, it's ok babe I will be a while, go have a drink and chat to the guy if you like you never know, with that my husband was off like a shot, saying I will try to find him.

As he walked away I though, you will have a problem matey, he's in the pool swiming, I smiled to myself, whilst watching my husband walk out of site, there are 3 bars so I knew he would be at least an hour, when he had turned the corner, I stood up stretched slightly arching my back, I could see the black guy in the pool eyeing me up, it was the time of day where the entertainment squad were coming round for water football, so I decided to join in.

I was on the opposit side to the black guy, and as the game went on there was a lot of ducking going on, it got quite times with the guys plying for alpha male, holding each other under the water, etc, I was basically bobbing up and down trying to keep out of the way, when the ball plopped down besides me , I heard a shout throw it , and here here! I thought oh well supose I had better show willing, but just as I grabbed the ball and was about to throw it, I found myself under water, then I felt myself being grabbed riound the waist, and I was sure a hand on my arse and breast was more than accidental, rather than be mad I felt quiet turned on that a stranger had taken advantage of me in that way.

I came to the surface with four to five guys splashing around the black guy who stood up out the water towering above the white guys, nice tans though, and threw the ball to the other side of the pool the other guys raced after it, after he threw it he turned to me and smiled, what a beautiful whit smile I thought, then heard him saying again, are you ok.

I looked him in the eye and said yes thankyou, he said, you took quite a dunking just then, I know and some stranger grabbed my arse and boob, can you blame them look at you, anyway my name is Jerry, so I wont be a stranger next time, he was holding out his hand I instinctivley took it, CarrieI muttered, it felt strong and firm, it also sent a shockwave to my nether region, wow, I though. then he was off to join the game,I realised at that time what he had said, cheeky sod so it was him and he actually admited it.!

Right I though I am getting my own back, so I swam over to the middle of the action, he saw me and said getting a bit daring arent we, well I have pay back to take care of, and I pushed him off balance has he was about to jump for the ball, he went under water and came up spluttering, I was laughing, he said, what you do that for, I looked at him and smiled, saying, well you had the cheek to grab my cheeks and breast, I would say that you got off lightly, but you wont next time. Really said Jerry, really I said right back.

All of a sudden the ball was coming my way I jumped for it, all the while thinking as I went under water , god I hope he grabs me again, then I felt his hand I knew it was his firm but gentle, the cheeky fucker was carresing my breast as he held me on the bottom of the pool, he then put his hand between my legs past my pussy and grabbed my arse, lifting me up out of the water, I was on fire, he was now 10 feet away looking back laughing, I mouthed you fucker at him, he just smiled. next ten minutes went by and he kept his distance,

so I went in to stealth mode swam under water,and just as I got to him I saw the ball being thrown, he bent his legs which meant he was about to jump, so I thrust my hand up between his legs grabbed his shorts and pulled down has he jumped up.

His shorts come off in my hand at the same time I actually grabbed the end of his cock boy it was thick. I swam away real fast, I am a very good swimmer, I was sat on the side of the pool before he even realised what had happened, I was looking straight at him when it dawned on him that he had no swimming shorts on, he was looking round and under the water, getting more embarrased by the second, it was a famialy pool after all.

after a few minutes of bobbing low in the water not knowing what to do he looked my way, and saw me smiling, I was sat dangling my legs in the water, as he looked at me, I raised my hand out of the pool with his shorts in clear view and rung them out above my head, he did not at first realise what they were, then when I shook them and dunked them back in, and again wrung them out over my head, He then realised what they were and made a bee line for me looking a bit angry.

when he got to me, he said you sneaky bitch, how did you manage that, I did warn you, I said laughing payback, he said bit over the top though, over the top I said, your hand was all over my top wasent it, he was smiling, well I wanted to see what you would do next. I laughed, Jerry said can I have my shorts please. nope I said and started to get up from the pool, Jerry grabed my legs, come on Carrie give them to me, I put my hand behind my back, which was not a smart thing to do, Jerry let go of my legs and in a swift movement he had his large strong hands round my waist, he lifted me effortlessly of the side and dumped me in the pool in front of him.

Right he said, you got a choice give me the shorts now or take the consequence, I looked up into his deep dark eyes and said, nope, nope he said back, he pulled me towards him I felt his strong body pushing against my breast, then Fuck what is that, I thought something was swiming past my leg, then I turned bright red, even my sunburn could not hide the fact I was embarrase, Jerry was laughing, yeah Carrie that would be my snake you let lose, I was shaken this was going too far, here, here, I said here's your shorts thrusting them in to his face.

Too late he said you have to pay the piper now, what I stammered, what is that, well you took them of you put them back on. well thats not so bad, I said lift your leg please, oh know said Jerry that is too easy, you put them on same way you took them off, he started to push me down, deep breath Carrie, he grabbed my hair, shit I though not be able to swim away, so what the hell I thought, I ducked down and reached down for his foot, and just as I started to put them on, he pushed my face round to his groin, I had beed trying to avoid looking but now had no option, jeez it looked like an eel, then he thurst forward and the tip of his cock touched my lips, I dont know what came over me, cause has I pulled on his shorts I moved forward and Jerry's cock again brushed past my lips, I dont know what came over me the size the colour, whatever it was before I knew it I had sucked the end of his cock into my mouth, I was still pulling up his shorts and, as they reached my mouth I gave a little bite as I pulled away, his shorts were all the way up now, he had let go of my hair I came up out of the water, as I did he was looking at me wow Carrie, what a hottie you are, you want to go somewhere quiet.

I didnt believe it what was I doing, I said sure where do you sugest, how about right over there, he pointed to one of the garden room appartments, sur e I said hurry up though, i had seen my husband talking to a guy at the other side of the pool, why said Jerry cant wait to get me alone, no, well yes, but no, if we dont go now my husband will be here, I poited him out, Jerry picked me up and deposited me on the side, he was out in a flash, keep in front of me, he wont see you, withinn a minute we were at his appartment door, I stopped a few times and he had bumped into me I felt his cock getting bigger each time, as soon as we were in the apartment, I turned and we locked lips, his tongue drove deep into my mouth.

I was shaking,it felt so wrong but so right, I could not believe it I was about to have an orgasm, Jerry had undone my bikini, and my tit was almost fully in his mouth, his strong firm tongue flicking my rock hard nipples, his hand had wondered to my crotch and was carresing my mound wich was fucking red hot, he touched my clit and I screamed out, I felt him tearing my bikini bottoms off, I now realised that during this attention from him,I had been wanking his now rock hard cock, my hand was sliding up and down it like there was no tomorrow, Jerry lifted me up pulling my hand away from his cock in the process, no I heard myself saying, Jerry said dont worry you going to feel it again right now, as he said that he lowered me down , it was all a blur, I had willingly opened my legs has he lifted me up and wrapped them round his waist, then it happened.

I felt the big bulbus head of his manhod touch my pussy lips, this is going to hurt I thought, then it was in, stretching me wide Oooooh jeez that is bg please wait a minute, Jerry ignored me and let go of my waist for a second, but that was long enough for me to sink down onto his massive black cock, it it my cervix and pressed beyond, I was screaming out in pleasure, I heard Jerry say fuck girl she's took it all in one go, my mind was racing, who was he talking to, then another burst of pain and pleasure has he lifted me and again let go, he impaled me again down to his balls.

You see this hun, she's a fuckin natural, then I heard a womans voice, lay her down Jerry lay her down and fuck the white bitch good, I felt Jerry lay me down and then the real pumelling began.

As he lay me down I saw a beautiful young black woman come out of the bathroom and walk towards us, she knelt besides me, what the fuck I said, Jerry said , it's ok Carrie this is my wife we swing, so she is fine with it, Jerry continued to slide his monster cock in and out of me with increasing ferocity.

His wife started to stroke my face she is very beautiful Jerry, you done good this time.

Jerry thrust really hard I screamed ohhh my god, fuck me shit that is so fucking good, his wife said sh.. dear people will hear you, Oh fuck Im cumming jeeeeeeeeeez I was screaming again, Jerry was so far in me I thought he would never come out, I was making a lot of noise, I heard Jerry say,Sarah ,

Sarah looked at me and leaned forward, before I knew what she was doing our lips locked together, she smelt and felt divine, she kissed me all the way through my orgasm, then the next one, I responded kissing her right back, I could not believe it I was being fucked by a gorgeous black guy, and his wife was playing tonsil tenis with me, this went on for about 40minutes, then Jerry exploded inside me deep iside me, he came buckets, My pussy was pulsing and my head was a whirlwind of emotions.

Just when I did not think it could get any better, I felt Jerry pull out only to be replaced by his wifes mouth, she took me to new hights of pleasure, and the noise I was making was twice as much as before, however Jerry soon put a stop to this as his thick black cock slipped between my lips, I hungrily sucked and slurped on the hot black shaft, deep throating him with little trouble, his wife looked up to see why I had gone quiet, wow Jerry she really is a little black cock whore, her words, rather than offend me, made me orgasm yet again, I grabbed her hair and pushed her back to my pussy, she needed no more instruction, and started again to bring me to amassive bone shaking orgasm, her tongue reaching deep inside my sopping pussy, licking all her husbands spunk back out of me.

After a while she pulled away and said Jerry I think she is ready for you again, Mmmm yes, I said as I pulled his shiny black pole from my mouth, please do fuck my little white pussy again, Jerry lifted me of the floor and put me on my knees, his wife had layed on the floor in front of me, i wondered why, I soo found out as Jerry knelt down in front of me and slid his cock into his wifes wet waiting pussy, he fucked her hard til she moaned, then he stiffened and shot a huge load of spunk into her hot wet cunt, he stood up and looked at me smiling, he said now it's your turn, hethen took me doggy style.

As his cock started to slip in I looked at his wife who smiled at me and said, I have something for you and I need you to finish me off, I was not sure what she meant, then I felt an almighty thrust from behind, at the same time Jerry said, you heard her slut eat that pussy dont let my spunk go to waste, I looked between sarah's legs at her pussy which now had a white creamy liquid oozing from her swollen lips, I thought they look like mine feel, Sarah reached up and guided my head down to her, I gave no resistance,and once I got the taste of my first pussy soaked in juice and spunk there was no stopping me, it came naturally. I brought Sarah quickly to multiple orgasm, in fact we were both having orgasms at the same time. I fely jerry stiffen and knew I was in for another hot load, I felt the hot stream of spunk hit my cervix time and time again, he must have cum for over a minute, I could feel the spunk running down my legs.

I lay exausted across his wifes tummy taking in her sex smell, I heard Jerry say , hope you on the pill girl, cause if not you in a whole lot of trouble. I thought shit I'm not!!! My husband will shit himself if I am pregneant, he had a vasectomy so he will know , jeez what a to do, then I though , oh fuck it, it was his idea in the first place. I replied no I am not so what will be will be, Sarha piped up you will have to keep in touch and let us know, she gave me her mail address, turned out we were both on, aol, so we exchanged usernames, hers was sarahand jerry.. apt, i told her, mine is carriejezzabell, we promised to keep in touch.

As I sat there recovering they told me about there swinging experiances, and advised me to get on a site, then cucold my hubby, still finding out whta that is, I was looking out at the pool, you have a good view from here, yes said Sarah, we get the same room last 3yrs, so we can watch and decide who we will seduce, I looked so you , yes said Jerry finishing my words for me , we have been watching you and your husband, for the last few days, I have been aching to get a chance with you, but your husband is always around, speak of the devil, he over there, looks like he's looking for you, I looked at Jerry and said you should have just asked him to set it up, he's been at me for ages to fuck a black guy, well pity he's missed the action, but he does like a drink. we all laughed, maybe you should clean up before you go, ermm know I think I will leave that as a suprise treat for my husband, again we laughed, thats when they mentioned cuckolding, I said that it sounded like fun.

I got up to leave and asked if they would be in the bar tonight, sure they both said shall we say hi, yes, yes, please do, infact walk up to my husband and ask him if you can dance with me, I said to Sarah. and you Jerry can sit and get round to asking him if he would mind you fucking me. you sure you want to do this. I am certain, I kissed them both and left.

As I walked out I saw my husband and shouted him, he came over and I said where have you been, I have looked all over for you, come on I feel so horny, all that talk about me and that black man,I just dreamnt he fucked me right by the pool, I need you to fuck me now. he looked stunned, and just grabbed my hand and we raced back to our appartment, as soon as we were in the room he was ripping my bikini off, he threw me on the bed and, did what he always did burried his face in my pussy, he came up a second later, jeez babe you are so wet, and taste so different, babe I have just had the wettest dream ever, I woke up and could feel the juices running down my leg, I think I actually had that female ejaculation, as I was talking I was pushing his head back down, he went at my pussy like a demon, lapping and sucking for all he was worth,he sucked every last drop of Jerrys spunk from me then he fucked me. jeez I had the most amazing orgasm I felt so naughty.

Later when we went up to the bar, Jerry and Sarah were already sat at a table near the dance floor, I grabbed my husbands arm , look, over there, he looked and saw what I was looking at, go grab the table near them I said, he did as he was told I went for the drinks, well I was waved away by the waiter who by now knew what we liked and he brought the drinks over to us, I sat down and after a while we made idle chat with the black couple, they introduced themselfs, we chatted generaly then Jerry said so have you had a good afternoon, I smiled and said well we made love this afternoon didn't we hun, so I guess we did, Sarah smiled , the timing was perfect as the music just came on, she said shall we dance Carrie, sure I said let the boys talk.

We went to the dance floor we were in the adult only bar, so we got quiet close dirty dancing, was tame at the side of us, we looked over just in time to see a startled look on my husbands face, I think he's asked him said Sarah, yes I think you are right, then just as my husband turned to look at us on the dance floor I leaned in and started to kiss sarah, we were dacing and moving, so it would have been difficult to see if we were really kissing from where our fellows were, so we stopped moving for a moment in the best viewing place and kissed deeply, then walked back to the table.

My husbands face was a picture, you , you just kissed a woman, mmmm I know honey it must be the drink and music gone to my head, plus what else should a girl do to I kissed a girl.. we laughed together, well it was dam hot, in fact Jerry here when he saw you kissing as asked if he can fuck you and I fuck Sarah, well who's room we going to I asked, my husband looked at me and said really. yup why not I was a bit tipsy, so it was prety convincing that I was doing this because I was drunk. Anyway we went to the appartment and we made out, my husband came within seconds of me wanking him whilst I was kissing Sarah again, it just pushed him over the edge, he was usless for the rest of the night so we put a show on for him, my poor pussy was so streched and swollen I thought it would never go back down.

Though I did get my husband to kiss it better for me, making him eat me again. I still dont think he clicked, In the morning we fucked again before my husband woke up, and when he did we were already dressed, I gave sarah my user name again carriejezzabell, so she could find me an im me as we were both on aol, we flew home the next day without seeing them, I have not been in touch yet, as it was all my husband wanted me to do and he kept going on about finding another black guy, so here I am on swinging heaven looking for someone to give me whatI really need to have again and again.

I have today recieved an e-mail from sarah, they have moved to sharm to work so will see them when I go back, so glad she remembered my contact details, but sad that she is not in the uk, so come on guys if you like my story, get in touch and let me know what you think, and hey you could be the next big black cock in my pussy, so if you are big black or bi, then contact me just like Sarah did and hopefully we will have some fun..

luv n xxx Carriejezzabell