Written by Martyboy

11 Jul 2007

I joined the SH site and within no time at all someone contacted me to request a meeting and duly left their phone number. I was really nervous as I picked up the phone and thought about hanging up but then a voice on the other end answered and we began to talk. I found it exciting talking to another guy about where and when we would meet and what we wanted to do and how far we would take it. Anyway we have met and I arrived at the service station as agreed and the guy arrived in his tourer vehicle and we had a coffee at the cafe there. We agreed to go back to his vehicle where he had already closed the blinds. I was excited at this point and by the bulge in my trousers he could see that I was and came across to me and started to unzip my trousers.

Well I was ahead of him and pulled both the trousers and pants off which left me there naked from the waist down. He held my hard cock in his hands and gently wanked my foreskin back and forth. At this point Ireached into his trousers and freed his throbbing member and we just stood there wanking each other. We then moved across toaseating area where he went down on me and started tosuck at my cock. I have to say that this was too much for me and I shot my load quickly.

It was in my head not to do the same to him but I couldn't help myself and slowly lowered my head over his cock. Thetaste was a little unusual at first but the more I did it the more I liked it. When he came I felt the spunk explode in my mouth and I duly swallowed all of it with an eagerness that I didn't think I would do.

Well we are going to meet again and for exploring the bi side of life then I can't wait to be fucked by him the next time.