Written by JonnyLondon

9 Jan 2009

I had been with my gf for two years when her ex came on the scene again and we all got quite friendly. He used to look after her car and she asked if he would check it over as she was selling it the next day. He turned up and checked it over while I was away then I turned up with the purchaser and noticed that they had consumed a bottle of wine between them. We made the transaction and went into the pub for a few beers but I was playing catch up as they were both well oiled. When we went back into our house they were all touchy feely with each other and when he went off to the toilet I asked her what was going on and did she fancy him. She was very honest and said that she would like to have sex with him as she was feeling very randy. (At this point you must know that I have a problem in that area and she hadn't had sex for a while!). I said 'Okay, if that's what you fancy, why don't we share you?' She was really up for it and when he returned from the loo she went in and I mentioned to him what we had discussed. He was well up for it and I told him that I would be joining in the proceedings. We all went off to the bedroom and stripped off and got down to the basics. It was the best sex I have ever had, seeing my woman being made love to by another man. Next morning I felt such a warmth towards my partner, it was unexpected, unusual and so utterly wonderful. Our relationship with her ex goes on to this day, over 10 years later and it happened again, but to be told at a later date.