Written by Fatbottomedgirl

21 Apr 2008

Hi, I`ve posted a couple of stories here before but noyhing for quite some time, anyways, this is a true story and happened a few weeks ago.

I have a fuck-buddy who I meet up with occasionally, we are both married to other people and don`t meet as often as we`d like not to arouse suspicion.

A few weeks ago D and I arranged a meet, we planned to spend some quality time in a hotel room nd fuck each other all night, but D changed the plans slightly.

D had met a guy, B, who was bi, now D is also bi, and I`d like to think that I`m very broad minded.

D and I met B on a Saturday night at B`s house. D and B are bothe early 50`s and I`m mid 30`s.

I admit I was a little nervous at first, but I soon lost my inhibitions!

B put some porn on, and D and myself were soon kissing and fondling each other, B joined in. It was great to feel so many hands and lips on me.

B`s kisses were so much gentler than D`s but I loved it all the same. We undressed each other then D produced an huge vibe for me! While D sorted out the batteries B and I continued to kiss each other, but I couldn`t wait to taste B`s cock. I was soon on my knees deep-throating B, needless to say we were both enjoying it!

D helped me back onto the sofa and prmpting began licking my very wet pussy while B teased my nipples with the vibe. I now needed to be fucked! Before either of them would fuck me, D said to B "Go and taste the honey", and he did! I felt as if all my Christmasses had come at once! While B was tasting the honey D and I were kissing and I could tase my juices on his tongue, while kissing he started teasin my nipples with the vibe, and then slowly moved the vibe over my stomach and down to my clit. It felt amazing!!

B started kissing me again while D teased my clit with the vibe and it wasn`t long before I was begging him to fuck me with it! It was so big, that it completely filled me and stretched me. I hadn`t felt my pussy this full in a very long time. I could feel D moving the vibe in and out of me slowly and B was sucking my nipples, I was close to cumming.

D slowly took the vibe out of my very wet pussy and started teasing my clit. I was begging him not to stop! I was cumming, and cumming fast! I didn`t want this to end! I grabbed B and started kissing him like a woman possessed! I spread my legs as wide as I could, D and B were holding them wide open, and my clit was getting hotter with every second!

I didn`t want any of this to stop, I wanted more! I didn`t care which mand fucked me just as long as I had a cock in my cunt! D oblbliged! He said he`d never felt me so wet before and was soon pounding me and B promptly put his cock in my mouth! I was in heaven!

I needed either or both of them to cum, D came first closely followed by B, I just lay there totally spent while the two guys started to clean each other up before my eyes. This was the first time I`d ever seen two guys sucking each other off and it really turned me on, I just watched for a little while and boy was this sight making me hot again!

Atfer they had finished cleaning each other I kissed them both deeply, it was wonderful. We all cuddled together on the sofa, then B suggested that we went upstairs because it was more comfortable.

B led us to his bedroom, then said that he wouldn`t be joining us for the remainder of the evening. D had told him about our relationship and B said that he`d like for D and myself to have some "us" time. I was a little disappointed at not having the attention of both men for the rest of the evening, as I was looking forward to trying my first double penetration, but I also appreciated having time alone with D.

B left us alone and went back downstairs. D and I cuddled and started kisssing again, my kisses slowly began to make their way down his body until I reached his cock. I had to have him in my mouth! I startede kissing and sucking his cock while he was calling me dirty names as he knoews this really excites me. D was getting harder and harder and in no time at all I was lowering my lovely wet pussy onto his cock. Boy did I need this!! I love riding cock, and even moreso when I`m being called all the dirty names you can think of! D was close to cumming again, so I started riding him hareder and harder and faster and faster. I wanted his cum inside me again! And I did! It felt sooo good!

D reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the vibe and started to tease my nipples again. I still wanted to try double penetration. D started to tease my tight asshole with the vibe and also tease my clit with it too. By this time my cunt was dripping wet and the vibe was covered with my juices, D tried to enter the vibe into my ass, but it was too big, he continued to lick and tongue my ass and also tease my clit with the vibe. I wanted to be fucked again.

I begged D to fuck me again, he didn`t need asking a second time! His cock slide easily into my wet cunt and began pounding me again. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I wanted to cum again so I told D to use the vibe on my clit while he was fucking me. It didnt`t take me long to cum.

We lay on the bed, cuddled up together, as D knows how important it is to me to be cuddled after sex, we talked about things and then decided that we had better make tracks home.

We went downstairs, and B made us some coffee while we got dressed. After a little while, we all said our goodbyes and exchanged kisses. We left.

As much as I enjoyed the evening, it was a little bit anti climatic, but I can`t wait to meet up with D again, and hopefully B too, and hopefully I can get the double penetration that I`m waiting for.