Written by Kaynadi

26 May 2008

It all happened on a bank holiday Sunday. Me and my fella planned on a night out in town. At first it was just us but then one of his mates joined us. We had a right laugh dancing and messing about in town and my fella suggested that his mate come and stay at ours. At first I wasn't keen on the idea but warmed up to it when we got there.

My fella asked me to go and get changed, so I went upstairs to change. I wore a new baby-doll with no pants and black hold ups. I must have looked hot! The mate then comes upstairs to find out what i'm doing. He certainly got a shock when he saw me lying on the bed wearing that.

He went round to the other side of the bed and lay next to me. I started to rub his cock, it wasn't long before he was rock hard. He asked me if I would sit on his face, so I acted like the kind obliging person I can be sometimes and sat right on his face.

Then my fella walks into the room after realising that we had both been gone quite some time and there were noises coming from inside. At first he hid behind the door, I think he liked what he was seeing. He knew I had seen him but his mate didn't. I then beckoned him over to me as I needed to suck his cock.

After a short while we all went down stairs and there was porn on the TV. I didn't take much notice of what was happening because my fella just wanted to see me get fucked. I again started to rub his mates knob and it wasn't long before I was on my back with his cock slipping in and out of me. My fella was really happy to see me with another man, so happy in fact that he came over to let me suck his throbbing knob.

We didn't stay downstairs for too long. We moved into the bedroom. My fella told me to ride the other cock that was in the room, so I did. I all of a sudden felt something a little strange that I hadn't felt before. It was my fella's lubed up cock trying to slip it way into my arse. I'm going to be honest, it hurt like hell when he went in the first few times but after a while it started to feel a little bit nice. I was amazed, I was having DP!!!! With all of the excitement we were grinding away giving me maybe just a smidge of pleasure in the process. I had both of my holes filled with cum that night.

I have never done anything like that before and to look back on it now, it wasn't too bad. I may want to repeat the mmf again some day in the future, one never does know.