Written by AndyK

10 May 2012

This is pretty short and tame compared to a lot I've read on here but it was my first experience and it stayed with me forever.

I was 18 and living at home with my parents.I finished work at lunchtime on Fridays and had the house to myself until 4 o'clock. Every week I showered and then masturbated to porn because I didnt have a girlfriend at the time.

I was sat in the living room with a very hard cock, some baby oil and a dirty video on when there was a loud knock at the door, turning the video off I wrapped the towel around me and answered the door. A woman with a clipboard stood smiling at me, she looked mid 40's to me (43 actually) and introduced herself as Elsie, doing a survey on peoples radio listening habits and would I like to take part. A little bit flustered being caught as I was I reluctantly said yes and she came in.

Hoping naively that she hadn't noticed my hard on I left her in the room and went to make 2 coffee's - hoping my hard on would go down a bit.

Unfortunately wishing it would go down wasn't working and if anything I was getting harder, I took the coffee into the room and sat conservatively on the sofa trying to shield my bulge from her view whilst answering simple questions.

After 5 minutes she removed her jacket, it was warm in there, and my eyes couldnt believe the size of her tits straining at her t-shirt, unable to hide my gaze and desperate for a wank I made an excuse to go upstairs to the bathroom but as I passed by her she accidentally caught my towel and left me stood with a coffee and my cock pointing to the ceiling for all to see, I began to apologise almost in tears but before I could do anything else she took my hand and sat me down besides her, so she teased I wondered what the oil was for she said taking the bottle and pouring a bit into her hands, take my t-shirt off love she told me and like a boy in a trance I pulled the shirt over her head. In her large white bra her tits looked big and firm and as I struggled for words (and red as a beetroot) she took my hand and placed it on her boobs, then I felt her oily hand grip my cock and I nearly fainted.

I must have lasted all of 30 seconds before I began to pump spunk out all down my cock and over her hands - she kept on rubbing me and I thought I was in heaven, it couldnt get any better could it?

Never having been sucked before I thought I was going to pass out when she leaned forward and took my length into her mouth. It was probably only about 30 seconds of sucking and licking but it still makes me hard just thinking about it.

She went into the kitchen to wash her hands then came back and slipped her t-shirt back on, she told me boys like me need to be taught how to please a woman and jotting her number on a card she told me to call her anytime if I wanted to learn more.

I did learn lots more from Elsie over the next 12 months including how to give a woman oral pleasure and just how good a real blowjob can be. Eventually we lost touch but I've never forgotten her and the things we did together in her bed, my parents bed and even her car.

I know that was tame but the rest does get better if anyone is interested in reading more