Written by Emma

21 Sep 2008

If you have read my other stories you will remember I met Karl through an Adult dating site and the day we met he confessed he was into swinging. I told him from the off I wasn’t and he said it was OK he had me now he didn’t need it anymore.

We had been together for three months and got invited to a party in his area, it was a 40th birthday party and I had already asked if any of these friends where swingers and he had replied a couple yes but it’s just a birthday party.

So I agreed to go, I had met a couple of his friends and their wives so I went off with them as soon as we got there and Karl did the manly thing over the bbq outside.

There was music playing, lots of drink flowing and more food then you could ever eat, I was having a great time and so was Karl.

As it got later on in the night most of guests had started to leave and it just left me and Karl, Claire and Steve the hosts and Paul and Karen still drinking and chatting in the lounge, music was by now playing in the background and I did whisper to Karl at this point if one of the couples left was the swingers.

He replied not that he was aware of no, I relaxed a little bit more, I had somehow got this idea in my head that he had planned this but I was obviously wrong.

Steve stood up and asked if we wanted to play a game, Claire jumped to her feet and said yes lets play that new sex game we have.

At this point I thought here we go, but I was in good company and enjoying myself and with a nod of encouragement from Karl I agreed.

The game was a board game with cards and when you landed on a certain square you had to take a card.

So with my first roll of the dice I landed on one of the squares and was greeted with kiss the person to the left of you, Karen was to the left of me so I kissed her on the cheek, Claire said that was no good if I had kissed the person to the right I would have kissed him on the lips, so I turned back to Karen and kissed her full on the mouth which she responded to instantly pushing her tongue in my mouth, wow never been kissed by a woman before.

The next roll was Karen and it followed round until Steve was the next to land on a square, he turned the card over and it said remove an item of clothing, Steve didn’t hesitate and removed his jeans straight away much to the excitement of all the ladies in the room he was hard as a rock.

This carried on for some time with various ones of us landing on squares and carrying out the requests, within an hour all of us but Karl where just about naked.

We where still drinking and the heady smell of our bodies was all over the room.

I stood up to go upstairs to the toilet and as I opened the toilet door Karen was stood waiting, Karen is gorgeous long brown hair, long legs, perfect tits and the smallest of thongs nearly covering her shaved pussy.

I had never been with a woman before and never wanted to but at that moment in time all wanted was to taste her, I thought of Karl and the others downstairs and guessed this is probably what the evening was leading to, I moved the sliver of thong to one side and sought out her pussy with my fingers which by now was soaking wet, her kiss forced me backwards as she pushed her and prodded my mouth with her tongue, this was a whole new sensation to me she spread her legs slightly to allow my fingers access to her pussy and I pushed two of them in reaching for her g-spot she started to squirm underneath me and kiss me even deeper, I was so turned on but I wanted Karl to see what I was doing so I asked her if she had done this before and did Paul know, she said no she hadn’t but had always wanted to try it.

The drink and kissing me had set her off and now she wanted more.

I told her Karl had been a swinger before he met me so how did she feel about us going back downstairs, she responded by thrusting her fingers in my pussy and saying we better give him something to taste then.

We both gathered ourselves up and walked back downstairs, Paul was the first to say, what have you two been doing you have been gone ages, Karl looked at me and knew what I had been doing by my flushed face, he beckoned me to him and I offered him my fingers to suck and smell and Karen did the same to Paul.

I was so wrapped up in the moment I almost forgot about Claire and Steve still sat there until I felt another pair of hands on my pussy and turned round to see Steve, I looked at Karl for approval more than anything else and he nodded to me, suddenly while I was knelt in front of Karl Steve slid underneath me and started to lick my pussy I lifted slightly and while Karl played with my tits I was so turned on this was incredible and the look on Karls face told me all he wanted was for me to enjoy it.

I pulled Karls cock out of his jeans and while Steve licked my pussy and sucked on my clit I lowered my lips and started the slow motion of licking and sucking which brings him off every time suddenly there was another pair of hands and a tongue trying to get to Karls cock and I turned round and kissed Karen, we each shared Karls cock swapping his precum between the two of us, I knew he wasn’t far off and I had already cum once with Steve licking my pussy but I love that so much I wanted to cum again.

I felt Karl tense beneath me as his cum made its way down his shaft both Karen and I licked and cleaned up every last drop of his cum while Steve brought me to another shattering orgasm with his tongue and fingers in my pussy.

As we all moved around Claire was sucking Pauls cock in the other chair while he was fingering her, the smell of sex in the room was overpowering, and I still wanted to taste Karens pussy, so with Karl sat in the chair I motioned her to sit on his cock, the sight of Karls cock going into that fantastic pussy nearly made me cum again, as Karen pushed herself onto Karl I got inbetween his legs and with Karen on Karl facing me I flicked my tongue out and licked her clit, wow is this what I taste like?

With Karl moving inside her and me licking her clit and playing with her very erect nipples it didn’t take long for her to cum all over his cock and my face, I held on to her clit as she bucked and rode her orgasm.

By now Steve was fingering Claire as she sucked Pauls cock and they too where all about to cum so I turned and put Steves cock in my mouth as Karl came up behind me and drove straight into my seeping pussy, I knew he hadn’t cum when Karen did and being selfish I wanted him to cum in me, as I licked up and down Steves cock Karen started to play with Pauls arse while Claire sucked him inside her, Karl pounded into me really hard from behind and I as I licked harder and faster Steve started to cum and I swallowed and swallowed, this sent Karl over the edge watching me swallow another mans cum so greedily he pulled out of my pussy and rammed his cock into my arse and exploded inside me.

We all collapsed to the floor as Karen swapped with Claire to finish Paul off he split his load all over her tits which Claire willingly licked off.

Afterwards we all sat back on the sofas completely soaked and totally satisfied stroking each other and chatting again like friends.

Steve then suggested we have a cum off to see who makes their woman cum first, our own partners this time, great I said I don’t need to worry about this one I can cum just looking at Karl.

We agreed to the same position and just penetration no clit or arse play, so with all our men sat down cocks at the ready we all mounted them.

I knew it wouldn’t take me long because my man knows exactly which buttons to press and when, he slid back slightly in the chair so my g-spot got the full benefit of his cock, the other two where at it like rabbits but we didn’t need to be, soft and slow make love to me and I will squirt all over, Karl moved inside me and I moved in time with him and just at the moment he hit my g-spot he increased his speed and sent me scurrying into to orgasm squirting all over his cock at that moment he sent his load flying straight into my womb…….

This sent Paul and Karen flying for the moon also as Paul came then Karen followed him, so that left Claire and Steve who appeared to be getting nowhere fast.

Karen and I shared a little look and both lifted off at the same time I laid across the settee and played with Claires clit while Karen took her nipples in one after the other, while I was playing with her clit I was lifting Steve up and down on her and she just didn’t seem wet.

I asked Claire if she had ever had it up her arse and she said no, we needed to do something Claire was never going to cum in a million years Karen motioned Steve off Claire and quickly replaced his cock with her tongue, licking and sucking on Claires clit, I started to finger her and suddenly we had juice Claire was finally getting wet and obviously enjoying the attention she was getting.

As Karen sucked her clit into her mouth I moved my fingers in out slowly at first then getting faster as her juices started to flow, we turned her over so Karen could still suck her clit and my fingers could go in and out and beckoned Steve in behind her his cock was rock hard so I turned and licked it covering it with my saliva Karl and Paul at this time where just sat happily jerking off watching the scene in front of them

Steve bent down with his stiff wet cock in his hand and moved towards Claires arse, she flinched slightly so I gently pushed my finger in waiting for her to relax the force with which she grabbed it nearly broke it, I started to probe inside her arse and gradually pushed another finger in, I licked Steves cock again to make sure it was wet pulled my fingers out and guided his cock into her arse, the intrusion at first she tried to reject but once she relaxed he slid in and started to move slowly at first. I carried on with my fingers in her pussy and Karen sucked her clit in, she was soaking wet and every time fingers went in her she clung to them, without warning a low scream started in her and she bucked at my fingers and Karens face as Steve pounded her arse she came so violently she knocked both me and Karen away as cum seeped out of her pussy you could see the throbbing, Steve couldn’t hold on any longer and shot his cum straight up her arse. As I looked round Claire was crying and Steve was holding her, I felt uncomfortable had we just violated her but no she was crying because she had never had a orgasm in her life like that before she was thanking is all, we all kissed her and said we would do it again soon.

We all got dressed kissed each other and left.

As we walked back to Karl’s he turned to me and said sorry and promised me nothing was planned.

I said I didn’t care if it was because I had just had the best evening of my life and couldn’t wait to do it again, it all happened so naturally and felt so right.

As we neared his house we walked down the tenfoot to the back door and I stopped pulled him towards me and told him to fuck me right there and then, he said we where nearly in the house, I didn’t care I wanted him there and then, I dropped my jeans and thong to the floor pulled eagerly at his cock lifted my leg round his and he fucked me against the wall I lost all sense of reality and suddenly heard screaming not realising as Karl tried to gag me with his hand it was me that was screaming as I flooded the path below me I fell to my knees with the power of my orgasm.

Karl picked me up and carried me to bed.

My first venture into swinging and I promise you it wasn’t my last.