Written by Paula

14 Jul 2015

Hi I'm Paula, a 40 year old married lady. My husband was my first and only real boyfriend and we met 10 years ago. Back then I was a rare specimen - a 30 year old virgin! At that time I was very shy and quite prudish. But that all changed when I met my hubbie. After only our second date I invited him back to my flat. We ended up kissing passionately and before I knew it he had me stripped to my panties, my very wet panties! All the kissing and the attention he was giving my 36 DD tits had my knickers drenched in my own sex juices. We were on my sofa and although I was virtually naked, I hadn't managed to remove any of his clothing. I was a bit embarrassed by the the state of my knickers and the ease with which he had got me naked. But I was on the verge of climaxing and no man had ever got this far with me. So to his surprise (and mine), I stood up and peeled down my knickers, giving him full view of my hairy pussy, my wet, curly, red bush glistening in the dim light of my living room. Within seconds he had me on the couch with his face pressed into my pussy and his tongue sliding in and out of my vagina. When it slipped over my clit I climaxed instantly. I squealed and cried with utter ecstasy. He jumped up and stripped to his pants while I continued to cum. I recovered somewhat and jumped off the sofa as he peeled off his jeans. I was shocked when he stood up - I could see from the massive bulge that he was very aroused. I dropped to my knees and released his cock which uncoiled and sprang upright, pointing right up at the ceiling. It was very hard and very, very long (in fact it is 8.5 inches). Immediately, he lifted me up and pressed me back onto the sofa - I hadn't a chance to get my hands on it never mind my mouth! He was really excited and I knew he had only one thing on his mind. As he climbed on top of me I cried for him to stop and that I was a virgin. It stopped him in his tracks and he jumped off me. It was quite a shock for him and a disappointment. However we did end up having fun. I suggested a blow job but he had another idea. It was a great idea and I enjoyed some fantastic orgasms. He had me on the carpet, basically screwing me missionary style but without penetrating me! He essentially masturbated on me by rubbing his cock along my pussy. I succumbed to powerful orgasms several times as his hard cock rubbed against my clit when he moved it back and forth over my pussy, thrusting hard with his muscular buttocks. After about 10 minutes he groaned that he was cumming. He kneeled between my legs and I watched in awe as he blasted his sperm all over my body. Some of the explosions shot right over me landing about 4 feet beyond my head on my carpet. But most of his lovely hot seed covered my tummy and tits. His cock kept spunking on me for a good minute, a really messy sticky load which completely drenched my front. Eventually he finished and with his spunk streaming down over my pubes, I headed to the bathroom to clean myself. His cock was still hard and erect when I returned and it wasn't long before he was doing me again, this time wanking his cock between my bum cheeks with help of baby oil. He had me lying on my front with him on top of me and his big cock sliding back and forth between my buttocks. I actually came when his cock exploded, blasting another huge load of spunk over my body, but mostly into my bum crack. The feel of his hot load running down over my anus and pussy lips was enough to send me into a wonderful orgasm. He repeated this twice more before he left that night, each time ejaculating huge loads of spunk over me, his cock exploding powerful jets for almost a minute each time. We cleaned up before he left - spunk stains everywhere!! It was the first time I had sex of any kind. After it, there was only thing on my mind - I needed to lose my virginity. In short, I needed to get fucked and I wanted him to fuck me. In fact not only did I need to have his big cock inside me, I also wanted to feel it shoot his cum in me. At the door we kissed goodbye and I asked him if he wanted me to go on the pill. He said he could bring a condom or 2 next time but I offered to go on the pill if he was prepared to wait for a few weeks. He asked why not use a condom and my reply utterly amazed him. His mouth dropped open when I told him that I wanted him to shoot his hot spunk up me. I said that I had been a virgin for too long and that I loved the way he 'fucked' me that night and was excited at the way his cock kept spunking over me and the way he could do it again and again. He became very excited, telling me it would be hard to wait those few weeks. But wait he did and while he waited I got masturbated on and spunked over quite a few times in the interim weeks. Eventually the day came when he took my virginity - but that's another story!