Written by Sara

23 Jun 2009

My school reunion

Hi guys, My name is Sara and about two years ago I was diagnosed as being addicted to sex, more importantly addicted to men. I am married and my husband thankfully has stood by me through all this, now we have managed to combine my addiction with our life and we are closer than ever.

I am 24 years old, English / Spanish. 5ft 2, size 6-8 and have tiny pert breasts, a tiny pert bottom and a smooth pussy. Without being big headed I have yet to meet a guy that doesn’t think I am a stunner....lol... and although it embarrass me, it also makes me feel very proud. Any way I was talking to my man the other night and he suggested that I should write one of my scenarios that took place and find a site to put it on to see what guys think of me. So here it is. I hope you like. If you do I might send in another one.

So Wednesday at short notice I decided to go to a small reunion some of my old school friends had arranged. I wasn’t originally going to go but then thought what the heck, I may as well. I should mentione I went to an all girl’s school. Anyway we met up at 6pm at a pub not far from the old school and there was about 20 of the girls and me and a few of their boyfriends and hubbys. And about 6 or 7 of our old school teachers. Glen dropped me off and arranged a taxi to pick me up later around 3am as he was taking a client out on a jolly.

It went well and we all had a few drinks reminiscing over the old days even though we only left school 7 years ago....lol.... but it was good to meet up with them again as we had lost touch as happens I suppose, and it was good seeing the teachers again. It got to about 10 o’clock and the boring lot had gone leaving me on my own and a couple of teachers. Mr Gosforth and Mr. Halls my old physical education teachers. They both still work at the school and are in the same jobs. So I went to them and carried on chatting when they too were going to make their way and asked me how I was getting home. I told them not to worry about me I would be ok and just sit tight and wait for my taxi which wasn’t due for hours. They said they couldn’t leave me on my own and suggested that I go back and wait for the taxi at their place which was just around the corner. And we could have a few drinks there, and then at 10 to three one of them would walk the short distance with me back to the pub to catch my taxi. I remember from school where they lived. They shared a flat together and had done for as long as I knew them, well certainly the later part of my school days. I saw nothing wrong with it and said yeah ok if you don’t mind, I could just have caught another cab but I was so disappointed I was ready for a good drinking session and then they all go home early....lol.... So I thought what the hell I`m out now might as well enjoy myself.

So we went back to their flat and they let me in. Not very large it had one living room that had an open planned kitchen attached. A balcony. Two bedrooms and a bathroom. That was it but it was very bachelor pad type. Plain and a black and white picture above the fire place of a girl bending over naked. I sat on the sofa as Mr Gosforth got the drinks and Mr Halls sat next to me. I commented on the picture and laughed and they laughed with me although I think they were a little embarrassed, I don’t know just a feeling I got. We chatted for some time as Mr. Gosforth put some music on in the background, not very loud and instrumental. I told them that I was married and what I was doing where I had been etc and they too told me of their lives and what they were up to, both had sort of partners both school teachers that I know and that had taught me. I knew Mr. Halls was going out with Miss Jennings; we all guessed it at school but could never say for sure. Miss Jennings was our Physics teacher; He told me how they were an item but only for mutual company once or twice a week. Much the same as Mr Gosforth. He would occasionally go out for meals with Miss Flue our biology teacher but it wasn’t serious. Each time my glass was empty one of them would refill it and I went to the toilet. I stood in the toilet feeling rather sozzled. To the point I was wobbling as I stood and walked. Not badly but I had defiantly had too much....lol...

I went back to the room and collapsed on the sofa as Mr. Gosforth made a comment are you all right you look a bit drunk. They both laughed and I said I am drunk laughing back. Mr Halls then poured me another drink before going off to the bathroom himself.

To tell you a bit about these two. Mr Halls is a bit of a dish, all the girls fancied him at school and although he was now supporting a beard he still had it. Muscular and fit. Tall over 6 ft. We all used to comment on his sexy legs and chest at school. He always wore shorts and had a zipped tracksuit top on that would show off his thick hairy chest. He had no grey then but I noticed a few strands showing now, not many but noticeable. As for age I would say he was mid 40s now. Mr Gosforth on the other hand was a fair bit older I would say more late 50s easily maybe early 60s. Again a tall man over 6 ft. Healthy and quite stocky but more thick set than muscular. A beard again. He always had a beard. And was also thick with hair which would stick out his shirt when we were at school. Mr Gosforth unlike Mr. Halls was totally grey. Not one dark hair left on him but he still had a very thick head of hair. I remember Mr Halls one day in particular, playing hockey one of the girls ripped my skirt so it fell to the floor, tearing my panties to reveal my bottom completely at the same time. I of course wrapped it around my waist and went to Mr. Gosforth and told him what had happened. Of course they all found it hilarious and Mr Gosforth sent me to the store room to get a spare. Holding what was left of mine around my waist I went to the store room and looked for a skirt having to stand on a chair and reach up to the top shelf which was a right stretch. As I did I couldn’t hold my skirt as well so I popped it on the floor? Stood on the chair and reached up to the shelf when the door flung open and Mr Halls walked in. I don’t no who was more embarrassed him or me....lol... I was 15 or 16 then.

As Mr. Halls left to go to the toilet I didn’t think anything of it until later, but Mr Gosforth was getting closer and closer to me. First he sat next to me then he kept leaning over me to put his drink on the side table even though there was one next to him. He stood up and went and knocked on the bathroom door entering I heard them mutter over something with a few giggles and I thought they wanted to call it a night and that maybe I had overstayed my welcome. They both came back in and Mr. Gosforth filled my glass with vodka and then came with the chilled jug of coke but this time rather than taking the glass from me and pouring me a fresh one he asked me to raise my glass which I did. He started to fill my glass and then as I turned to Mr. Hall who said something I suddenly felt this sensation of cold and wet as he poured the coke all over me. Soaking me to the skin. This wasn’t just a spill it was a whole jug full. I was soaking. It was so cold it took my breath away. Apologising like mad they both ushered me to the bathroom and said take them off have a shower and offered me a huge dressing gown as they offered to wash and dry them telling me there’d be washed and dried in a couple of hours. I was soaked so I went off to the bathroom shut the door behind me and took off all my clothes, wrapped myself in a towel before entering the room passing my clothes to a waiting Mr. Halls before I went back into the bathroom locked the door and took a shower. As I showered although annoyed I couldn’t help but giggle at what had happened and that I had just given Mr. Halls my panties to wash....lol... As I fumbled around the shower very tipsy and washed. I dried and slipped on this dressing gown, big and white fluffy it was massive on me but at the same time warm and cosy.

I re-entered the room and they said oh here you are passing me another drink and telling me that the clothes were in the washing machine. I sat back on the sofa next to Mr. Halls and we all burst out laughing at what had happened with Mr. Halls saying that’s the oddest way I’ve ever known a guy to get a girl to take her clothes off for him....lol... We all laughed and I said yeah normally they just strip me or ask me. Again they laughed and this is the point on the night I noticed a change in them. Thinking about it after the night I think the whole thing was a set up from the beginning, the asking me back, getting me drunk, spilling the drink. All of it. Anyway back to the story. I am sure out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr Halls look at Mr. Gosforth and indicate something. Mr Gosforth walked into his bedroom and Mr. Halls looked at me as I sipped my drink. I made eye contact and he sat there looking at me with a big smile and I said what giggling nervously not knowing what his problem was. He moved closer to me and took my drink from my hand leaning over me putting it on the side table. He turned his head to me and without warning he planted his lips to mine and started to snog me. I pulled away and said what are you doing. His reaction was to again plant his lips on mine and start to snog me this time pushing my head to the back of the sofa so I couldn’t pull away. As he continued I began to get that feeling of excitement and frightened butterflies inside. I allowed him to continue and I reacted by placing my hands on his face and returning his kisses. I looked at his face as he stopped kissing me and smiled as he smiled back. Still looking at me he moved his hands to my belt and pulled it apart slipping the dressing gown from my shoulders as it fell to the seat. I sat naked in front of him and he looked at me and my heart was pounding. I`m naked in front of Mr. Halls but I`m frozen and unable to stop him, scared with the fact. He moved his mouth to my breasts where he started to kiss and lick them. He ran his mouth over them paying attention to my nipples one after the other. I put my hands on the back of his head and closed my eyes pushing my own head into the back rest of the sofa as I did. I felt a hand on my knee moving up over my left leg, moving round to my pubic area and pushing in-between my legs. As if automatically I opened my legs to allow him to touch my pussy. As he reached he raised his head and again kissed my lips snogging me. His finger moved to my pussy and I felt him rub me making me give out a little moan as he did so. I put my hands either side of his shoulders as he snogged me and continued to rub at my opening. I moaned louder until not being able to hold it any longer I orgasmed as he carried on. As it passed I moved my hands round to the front of his trousers and tried to undo his jeans. Standing up from the sofa he pulled me up and he led me to his bedroom. Walking in he turned to me and kissed me and said wait there as I stood at the end of his bed and he reached into his drawer and took something out before coming back to me and turning the light out. I was somewhat confused at this point as holding his hand he led me back out of the bedroom where I thought for some reason we were heading back to the sofa. What happened next was the biggest shock of the night. As we stood in the lounge by his bedroom door he bent to me and wrapped his arms around me where he placed his lips on mine again. Still kissing me he lifted me just enough so my feet weren’t touching the floor and I felt we were moving as my eyes were closed. I continued to kiss him as we walked and I thought he was leading me back to the sofa. He stopped kissing me and dropped me to the floor. I opened my eyes to see not only was I in a bedroom standing by a bed but in the room standing on the other side of the bed was Mr Gosforth. Still clothed with a big smile on his face. I instantly went red and rigid with fright as I turned to Mr Halls trying to cover my bits from view. He looked at me and moved me to sit on the edge of the bed facing him. Without a word he stood in front of me and undid his belt and trousers. Undid his flies and reached in. Pulling out his fully erect cock right in front of my face. It was a good average size about 7 inches to 7 and a half and a little bit thicker than average. Circumcised and had big thick hair surrounding it. I was a little overwhelmed that here I was looking at Mr Halls erect cock right in front of my eyes, the dream boat of my school days. Yet at the same time I was scared and frightened at what they obviously had in mind the pair of them.

At this point the change in them was confirmed to me. Gone was the nice caring thoughtfulness to be replaced by the eager, forcefulness. There whole appearance, body language and attitude had changed like a light being turned off. He reached down and grabbed the back of my head beckoning it towards his cock. I moved my hand to it, to bend it down to place my mouth over it. As I put my mouth over the top of his cock he moved my head forward pushing it in me and I slowly began to lick his helmet and move backwards and forwards over his cock. It was as solid as a rock with no give in it at all. Here I was with a school teacher I used to fantasise about as a child. As soon as my mouth wrapped around him he started to make comments that at times were a little shocking. Have this you little bitch and oh yes suck it. Things that were a shock to me as all evening he and Mr. Gosforth had been the proper gentlemen. At the same time with his cock in my mouth my nerves and worries passed and I got excited and relaxed. I looked up at his face from his cock and could see him looking down at me as he pushed it in and out of my mouth still holding my head and calling me a whore and a bitch. He removed his hands from my head and I reached up to hold his cock with one whilst pushing my other hand up inside his t shirt feeling his tight hairy belly as he lifted it and took it off throwing it to the floor. Pulling at his jeans further releasing his cock and his thickly haired bush and balls I placed a hand under his balls and gave them a play as I removed his cock from my mouth and with my other hand I began to rub him whilst I looked at his face. Pulling away he removed his jeans and I looked at my old school teacher standing in front of me completely naked. I had almost forgotten Mr Gosforth was there until My hand was grabbed and I was pulled to my feet to face him. Walking me around the bed Mr Gosforth pushed me on to the bed and climbed on the bed whilst placing his lips to mine. I had never considered for a min in my life I would be being had by either of them especially Mr Gosforth. He lay next to me still kissing my mouth as his hands went to my breasts and started to feel my nipples. Squeezing them quite roughly in his fingers. I let out a moan and he moved his head fast to my breasts engulfing my breast completely in his mouth as he sucked on them. Rapidly he descended to my belly and further down as he lifted my legs high in the air and without a care buried his head in my pussy. He instantly began to eat me and I held his head to me as he did so enjoying the feeling that I was experiencing. I began to pant and moan and it wasn’t long before I experienced my second orgasm of the night being eaten by him. Rolling off me my orgasm subsided he began to remove his clothes and was soon lying naked next to me. Because Of my position I couldn’t see his cock that was until Mr. Halls rolled me on to my tummy and lifted me back on to all fours on the edge of the bed my feet hanging off the edge whilst my knees were still on it. Mr. Gosforth moved me over him so my face was above his cock and he lifted it pointing it to my mouth. I was in total disbelief at what I saw before me. In front of me was a fairly big Mr Gosforth. Fully erect about 8 to 81/2 inches and it was reasonably thick. Completely grey but like Mr. Halls very hairy. Not at all as I had imagined him to be. He pushed on the back of my neck down to his cock opening my mouth as it entered me. Again I took hold of it with one hand and began to play with his large cock whilst looking up at him lying there panting calling me names as I continued to lick and suck. Suddenly from nowhere came a comment from behind me Mr Halls looking down at me bent over by the edge of the bed he called me a sexy little whore before burying his head to my pussy shoving it in pushing me away from Mr. Gosforth’s cock momentarily with the force. I let out a moan as I turned to look at him hands on top of my bottom spreading them with his face buried between them. Suddenly a hand grabbed my head and turned me around where Mr Gosforth pushed my mouth back over his cock. I continued to suck and lick lifting for breaths and moan in-between as Mr Halls continued roughly eating me until I could take no more laying my head on Mr. Gosforth’s lap still holding his cock I let out an almighty scream as I had my biggest orgasm of the night so far. Not having time to expel my screaming I was again shoved in the mouth by Mr Gosforth’s cock and I continued to orgasm whilst he was in my mouth. Having exploded my lot Mr. Halls stood back up and leant over me whilst I was still with Mr Gosforth’s cock and started to say all sorts of obscene things to me. Little bitch, Tight little bitch. Tight little whore. You know you want it. Don’t you. You know you want it. I remember it as plain as day. At the same time as saying this his hand was rubbing up and down between my legs over both holes rubbing and rubbing as he talked dirty to me whilst I sucked Mr Gosforth’s cock. As he got more and more obscene telling me how he was going to fuck me hard he rammed a finger deep inside me making me squeal with its force, then back out and rub again continuing his obscene comments how he was going to make me beg for him to stop then a finger was pushed deep into my bottom making me scream even more as it entered. lifting my head from Mr Gosforth’s cock extending my arms up lifting my body as he continued to plunge his finger in me With comments about my bottom. He withdrew his finger and I stayed where I was turning my head to look at him as he grabbed a squeeze bottle of some kind of oil but I’m not sure what it was, it was extremely slippery whatever it was. He rubbed it on his cock and stood behind me. I knew what was about to happen and turned my head to look at Mr Gosforth who by now was kneeling in front of me cock in hand rubbing it pointing it towards my face. I felt a rub at my pussy and I let out a little moan. With that I was grabbed by the waist and pulled back as Mr Halls pushed into me. It slid in to the hilt with such ease with the oil he had applied and I screamed out really loud as he shoved it in me....lol.... At the other end my head was grabbed and again my mouth was pushed to Mr Gosforth’s cock where he too entered me. At both ends I was being banged by my two old school teachers. Not just banged but properly used for their enjoyment. All I could here was the very faint tunes still coming from the lounge being over shadowed by my own moaning and the panting, moaning and rude comments from the two guys using me. After a short while I orgasmed whilst still having Mr. Gosforth’s cock in my mouth. I let out a muffled scream as I came on the cock of Mr Halls still banging busily in and out of me. They both withdrew and I fell to the bed only to have them both climb on next to me. Mr Halls rolled me over so I was lying on my back and he climbed on top of me spreading my legs wide open. Wasting no time at all he guided his cock back to my pussy and pushed back into me. Lifting my legs either side of him over his shoulders he otched up the bed bending me in the process so far that my knees were tight on my chest and his face up to mine. He began to ram me hard with all that he had and I moaned and panted out loudly whilst looking at his face as he gripped his teeth with each push. I orgasmed again as he didn’t let up continuing to push into me with his strength. Again I orgasmed this time turning to look at Mr. Gosforth lying next to us watching me being taken. As It subsided I reached out to Mr Gosforth’s hand around his cock and held it as he pumped up and down on it. Suddenly Mr. Halls began to clench up and I looked up at his face. 1.2.3 more deep hard bangs inside me and his cock hardened even more as I felt him come inside me. Shooting warm cum several times before slowly pulling in and out as if to spend all he had. He stayed deep inside me as we looked at each other’s face when he was suddenly interrupted by Mr. Gosforth. Quick fucking move he said to Mr Halls. Who withdrew from me and rolled next to me. From the other side Mr Gosforth rolled on top of me and held his cock at my pussy. Stretching me open with his larger cock he pushed into me and with two pushes had buried his 8 + inches in me, still lubed from its previous occupant. Again raising my legs up and over his shoulders he bent me so his face was over mine and began to use me for all his worth. In no time at all he had made me cum again as I felt him push in and out. Fuck the little bitch I kept hearing from Mr Halls as I looked into Mr Gosforth’s eyes staring at my face. I felt him bang harder and harder with every comment he heard from his partner in crime. Fuck her hard, ram it in her. until after only a few minutes entering me he to tensed inside me. He too began to moan and pant before with one final hard bang I felt him spend inside me. Differently to Mr Halls he remained where he was but was equally as vocal as he came in me. Shooting two or three times as he did. He remained there for a min before he withdrew. I rolled over onto my tummy and just lay there getting my breath back as the two of them were congratulating each other for their achievements. Commenting on my pussy and my body. How tight I was, carrying on as though I wasn’t there. Finally I leapt from the bed and went into the bathroom without a word, shutting the door behind me. I sat on the loo just thinking about what had happened before taking a shower.

Without thinking I had showered and dried but had nothing to put on. The dressing gown still being in the lounge. I held the towel to my front and opened the door where Mr Halls re dressed and Mr Gosforth In dressing gown stood just looking at me. Your clothes aren’t dry yet I was told as I stood in front of them with just enough towel to cover my front. Get me one of your shirts I said to Mr Halls and he threw me one from the ironing pile. I dropped the towel and still being watched I put on the shirt and done it up. Listen about tonight Mr Halls said. What I replied looking at them both. They just smiled and we all laughed. They came over to me and both gave me a cuddle. I looked at them both and said look I’ve got to go my husband will be wondering where I am. And I asked for a belt. Way to big but to do a job I wrapped the belt around my waist and put on my coat, grabbed my purse. God the taxi drivers going to love you Mr Gosforth said as I had just enough on to cover myself. We again all laughed as I said he can look but he won’t touch. With that Mr Halls led me to the door. I kissed Mr. Gosforth saying bye and Mr Halls walked me to where I was to meet the taxi. A Little early we stood there and I was freezing, he cuddled me to keep me warm showing his warm caring side as he had done before using me. He talked to me telling me how sexy I was tonight, how he had enjoyed me. And asked me if he could see me again. I told him it would be awkward but we would see. Then commenting that at some point I will need to come back for my clothes. We laughed. He asked again please lets meet again just the two or the three of us if you want. I looked at his eyes and took out my mobile. Give me your number I said and he read it out. I taped it on my phone and rang, hearing his ring I hung up and said there you have my phone number but no calls, texts only. My taxi pulled up and I pecked his cheek saying bye. As I stepped in the cab and closed the door I smiled, still tingling at the thought again of the unbelievable event that had taken place.