Written by C

23 Nov 2010

At just twenty years old,I dont know if i am but surely must be one of the youngest swingers around,The strange thing is until that first time the idea of even getting into the scene never entered my head,and it came about by pure chance,

I work in a hairdressers and one of the girls was leaving to emigrate so on her last day we finished work and headed to the pub,without having anything to eat the drink soon began to take effect,I admit i was more than a little tipsy,and as the others started to leave,RAY [not his real name]said he was off to go willy watching,not really funny,but hysterical at the time,RAY who is 100% gay suggested i join him,At the time and because of the drink it seemed a good idea,so off we went to a local spa,As we entered we were given towels and as we went in the first thing that hit me was everyone was in a state of undress,the guys all seemed naked,and most of the women were either naked or topless,which at the time i found funny,

Getting undressed,i had a problem,as i was in the clothes i had, had on since morning so do i keep on my bra and panties or wear nothing,the drink made me think go naked,so coming down,wrapped just in a towel,i saw Ray standing at the bar talking to an older cple who were completely naked,I asked for a vodka only to be told it was soft drinks only,But the cple said bring your drink to the lounge,Once there they produced a bottle of vodka they had brought in,and poured some in my glass,we chatted and as i had been drinking,i was chatting away non stop,The guy who must have been in his late 50s was becoming more and more attractive,By now Ray was off chatting up some young guy,

After a while they suggested we go for a steam,by now i had lost all my inhibitations,and was parading around completely naked,secrectly loving the guys looking at me,Then the woman suggested we get a private room,i agreed although at the time did not really know what i was agreeing to,

Suddenly the 3 of us were in this little room,it was sparcely furnished with just a massage table,and a small side cabinet,i sat on the table and the guy moved so he was right in front of me,by now even though he was probaly older than my dad,the drink had turned him into a 20year old adonis in my eyes,His wife just stood back watching as he began to kiss my neck,and fondle my boobs,until we were full on kissing,I am not sure how but suddenly i found myself off the table and bending over to suck on his cock,all the time being watched by his wife,It was so crazy and i was so turned on by the fact i was actually being watched,he moved me back up so my legs were hanging over the end of the table,and producing a condom put it on,parting my legs,he entered me,As good as it felt,the real excitement was coming from the fact she was actually watching,at no time did she attempt to join in,and i really dont know how i would have reacted if she had,suddenly i felt a rush of heat as i reached an amazing orgasm,in reality my first ever one,suddenly i felt him pull out of me,he removed the condom,and for the first time she spoke directly to me saying "open your mouth"then he let go its hard to explain just how much he came,it hit my neck face,and by the time he got into my mouth he was still coming,i could hear her saying swallow you little whore,but somehow being called that was even a turn on,when he was completely drained,she handed me a towel to clean his spunk from my face,and we returned to the lounge,and i did not have a single regret about what i had done,

They then went up to get changed,on thier return i actually looked at them for the first time really,and not being nasty if they had approached me in any other situation i would not have looked twice,But i had no regret,and still dont,it had been [excuse me] fucking surreal.When i woke up the following day instead of feeling like how did that happen,I just felt excited and pleased it had,I cant say if it was the sex or being watched that had turned me on so much,But in future age will not be a barrier,Would i be feeling the same if she had joined in,i am not sure,but now the seeds in my head,watch this space,