Written by Tintin1

2 Aug 2012

I didn't hear from Gary for a few days it hadn't stopped me wanking though and I kept texting him begging him to meet up,he obviously wasn't single but anyway on the Friday I had a text from him saying he would meet me on the following Tuesday he had found a place to meet.

It turned out he was a plumber and he worked on random places and he could hold on to keys for a few days.

I was so excited but vey scared too,I was actually going to meet Gary what would he be like,would he actually turn up?

On the day he texted me to arrive at 11am to a random address just outside Bedford then we could meet up then go inside.I asked him what he wanted me to wear and I asked him could I wear my thong and doc martins? (I know it's a bit odd but then I'm hardly conventional after all!)

He said I could wear what I wanted but he said nothing much else as he wanted me naked kneeling at his feet.

The whole way there I was so so nervous I almost turned around and bottled out a number of occasions I had to wear my suit as I pretended I had a dentists appointment so I had to go to work,I had my boots and thong in a sports bag.I kept thinking other drivers would some how know what I was going to do and where I was going,so silly but there we are.

At about ten to eleven I arrived at what seemed a pretty seedy block of flats and waited I'm not sure there were butterflies in my stomach more like elephants running around,just before eleven I had a text from Gary to say he had arrived and was under the second alley way by the stairs,this was it!

As I got closer there he was a big guy unshaven and scruffy the type of guy you wouldn't glance at in the street,I shook hands which seemed a bit weird under the circumstances but hey.He nodded upstairs and told me to follow.

I followed him up one set of stairs wondering what the hell I was doing.He wasn't exactly really fat but then he was carrying a bit of weight and he puffed a bit going up the stairs.

He the opened the door of the first flat front door and I followed him in,the flat was filthy it was completely bare of any furniture and and there was newspaper taped over the back window of the room.He sawme looking and commented 'we don't want any one looking in now do we'

He grinned and told me to strip that was it no conversation nothing but then what did I expect I was there to suck cock,I wasn't on a date.

Gary left the room and I started to take my clothes off my next problem was where to put my nice clean suit the floor was disgusting and there wasnt exactly a clothes horse lying around.Relucantly I folded all my clothes up on the corner of the room and put on my thong and laced up my boots I was so nervous still it was hard to realise one of my fantasies was actually happening.

Gary walked back in smirking 'so you have come here for cock have you?'

I nodded he ordered me on all fours as he came over to me unzipping his jeans.I looked at his crotch as he pulled out his uncircumcised cock then he ordered me to open my mouth.

I did almost mesmerised at the thought of what I was doing and then it was in I can still remember the sour unwashed taste,I looked up at him hardly believing I was actually sucking cock for the first time.He spoke again 'you filthy cocksucker' 'you poof' the names he was calling me almost turning me on more than the actual act itself.I started masturbating as he was really hard by now.

He started wanking himself and then started slapping me around the face with his cock it was so so dirty,I was hard myself now as I took hold of his cock myself for the first time,another mans penis in my hand I started to wank him as he moaned in bliss.

I began to run my tongue along the shaft of his cock while looking up at him pretending I was some slut in a porn film because that was what I had become,I had sunk so low.

A few minutes of that and he ordered me to stick out my tongue as he started wanking really hard,he began to pant as he told me he was going to spunk.

I stuck out my tongue as far as it would go then he let out a long moan as he spunked full in my face the next spurt catching me full in my mouth the third in my hair the last down the side of my face covering my right eye which fortunately I had managed to close in time.

He then proceeded to wipe his cock clean over my nose.

There was so much spunk but now I needed to come he zipped up and I was left wanking at his feet 'come on the you dirty bastard cum' he shouted at me,he wasn't wrong and as I wanked I opened my mouth showing him the pool of sperm in my mouth.He shook his head in disgust and with that I spunked all over the floor just as I swallowed my dirty mouthful of spunk.

Of course after I had cum the situation wasn't so good I felt a bit embarrassed for what I had done and I asked him where the toilet was he nodded to the right and I cleaned up.

With that I told him thanks and left,outside the flat I walked quickly to my car paranoid that someone would see me maybe notice the stray strands of spunk in my hair and drove off.

There have been a few more meets some of them dirtier as my mission for filth continued if you like this let me know and I will continue?