Written by Gary

12 Mar 2019

My wife's always slept with other men, never made any secret of the fact, never apologies for it and never made any attempt to be discrete about it in front of other people.

The fact she's nearing 50 hasn't altered her attitude one bit or her ability to pull men almost on a whim.

The jealousy is excruciating and has caused me to be physically sick on more than one occasion. The last time catching in the back of my car in pub car park where we were supposed to be having a meal with friends.

However, the excitement is electric and I'm completely hooked on it, which is just as well as I have no choice in it.

It's also uncontrollable at times, which has caused several very humiliating situations including trying desperately not to cum in my pants in front of a group of people will who were watching her getting fucked in a toilet cubicle on New Year's Eve a few years ago and subsequently making it blatantly obvious I had which caused great amusement.

Always loved watching her getting dressed to go out. Watching her sitting in front of her mirror usually in no more than holds and heels doing her make is always the best bit. Her skin is till flawless and her body is to die for.

The worst bit is always immediately afterwards when she puts her dress on and never fails to torment me that it will be somebody else watching her taking it off not me.

I'd love to be able tick her out after she's been fucked but she's never let me. It's hard enough for me to get near her pussy or the wimp restricted zone as her best friend, who never tires of tormenting me about what she gets up to, likes to call it.

Hand relief is my normal release. She'll often be concentrating on something else whilst she's pleasuring me, which can be weirdly erotic.

Receiving hand relief before she goes out means I spend the rest of the evening suffering extreme jealousy without the compensation of being properly excited but I'm incapable of resisting.

Last Friday she was going out and as is the case sometimes her friend came to pick her up and as usual when this is the case, they sit up stairs drinking wine, chatting about what they have planned and what they have been up to.

I'm usually banished when they get together but on Friday I was asked to tidy up after I had brought them two glasses and a bottle of wine. The fact I was there didn't restrict their conversation and soon I was suffering from extreme jealous but was also starting to get aroused.

I finished and was about to leave when my wife told me I had done a good job and deserved a treat. I was shocked as her friend was there but she insisted and told me to drop my trousers. Her friend was laughing so I was a little reluctant but I was getting more excited so I did as I was told.

My wife started to gently rub my cock without even looking at me and continued their conversation. I was standing there having my cock rubbed whilst my wife and her friend, who although a bitch is also very sexy, we're discussing. the young guy my wife had her eye on.

I was trying so hard not to cum and is as usually the case I was breathing heavily. my wife started to tell me to be quiet and her friend started laughing when the phone rang.

My excitedly announced it was him and asked her friend to takeover. It didn't register with me until I felt her take her hand away to be replaced by her friends.

I was suddenly acutely aware of my wife flirting outrageously on the phone and her friend urging me, or wimpy as she was calling me, on as she played with my cock.

My wife broke off and told her to take me through to the on suite so I could cum in the sink and not make a mess.

I somehow managed to stop any accident as she led me by the hand to sink.

I stood facing the sick, and she stood slightly to the side so I could see her amazing tits in the mirror and she started to massage my balls, I could still hear my wife and I could help taking quick sharp breaths and making noises to distract myself.

She put her mouth to my ear liked it and said 'you re even more pathetic than I thought Wimpy. Immediately I started to cum. She laughed and my wife asked if we'd made the sink to which she replied only just. I saw a flash as she took a pic on her phone....