Written by Alistair

28 Dec 2018

Hi everyone

I’d like to share my experience with you, I hope you find it interesting.

So I’m Alistair, I’m 51 and I’m married to Angela. I’m 6ft tall with a rugby players build. We have a good sex life, but I have been getting more and more curious about sex with another man..

I haven’t shared this curiosity wth my wife as I’m not sure how she’d react, although she has pushed her dildo into my mouth on more than one occasion and she frequently lubes my bum and fingers me and has also fucked with her vibrator. Also whilst we’re fucking, she has also said that someone should be behind me !

I work at a UK airport and have recently come into contact with a pilot who flies for a charter airline who is a straight acting gay guy. I have done a bit of work with this guy and we’ve become good friends. We were walking through the airport a while ago and I needed the toilet so I said that I’m just nipping into the gents and he followed me in and was standing next to me having a wee and after he pulled out his very large cock, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

He saw me looking and gave me a knowing smile. But for the rest of the day all I could think about was getting my hands on his cock.

Anyway whilst in the office I started looking at porn on the internet on my iPad and then googled male massage near me. To my surprise I found a guy who does male massage and called to ask for an appointment. Phil said he could fit me in that afternoon and offered me various services and also offered ma a naturist massage where we would both be naked, I said that I would like that and arranged to see him in an hour, so I made an excuse and left work early to go.

I was so horny and hard at the thought of what was going to happen.

I arrived at his apartment and went in . Phil was a good looking 40 ish really pleasant guy. He showed me to his treatment room which had a massage table and Some pictures of semi naked guys on the walls. Phil told me to grab a shower and get undressed and he would be with me shortly. I showered in record time and climbed on the massage table which was coved in soft towels and had a hole at one end for when you were lying face down. Directly underneath this hole, on the floor was an iPad that was flicking through some images of guys. Some were alone showing their hard cocks off and some of the pics were of different guys sucking each other off and some showed guys actually fucking.

So Phil came into the room, I was naked and he wore a pair of shorts which he took off revealing a big but limp cock. He asked me to lie face down and started to spread some oil onto my back and legs and started the massage. We were chatting about cars, work and general stuff and I was getting more and more horny looking at the pics scrolling through on the iPad.

As Phil walked around the massage table he occasionally brushed his cock against my leg and arm and then after a while his cock brushed against my hand and I closed my fingers around it. It felt amazing and started to grow so I kept squeezing it gently. The massage then took a turn and and Phil started to occasionally brush his finger across my balls and the across my bum and I moaned softly to give him the indication that I loved it.

Then he came and stood in front of me to start massaging my shoulders and his semi hard dick was right next to my face. I took hold of it and gently wanked it hard and then closed my mouth over it and sucked another mans dick for the first time. It felt amazing in my mouth and I licked and sucked it as best as I could.

Phil told me to turn over so I lay on my back and he poured oil all over my now rock hard cock and began to ever so slowly wank me. I took his cock in my mouth again and sucked and wanked him for about 10 minutes.......I wanted his spunk. I kept going and I heard him start to pant and grunt so I pulled his for skin back and lick and sucked his big cock as he lunged forward and spunked squirt after squirt of hot sperm into my mouth. I didn’t spill a drop and waited until he’d stopped filling my mouth before I pulled off him and I then swirled it around my mouth and swallowed the lot.

Phil then speeded up wanking my cock and within seconds I spunked the most cum ever.

I had a shower, and thanked Phil and then left to go home. I can’t wait to go again and have more cock fun.

I hope you like my story.

I’d love to hear some thought on this from any ladies on the site as I’m not sure how to broach the idea of maybe a threesome with a bi guy to my wife. Would any ladies find the idea of their husband sucking cock a big turn on ?

Thanks Alistair