Written by Sally

9 Mar 2019

Our married life has been good, but like many the sex had gone stale and infrequent. My sexual needs as an early 40’s woman had risen, so I was more and more unsatisfied and although I turned to self pleasure daily, and had a variety of fun toys to use, it still wasn’t enough.

So I told my husband Phil I needed more sex from him. To cut a long story short we ended up discussing fantasies and our sex life picked up. He confessed he loved showing me off and I confessed I liked guys checking me out.

It started with me just showing more leg and wearing lower cut tops, to going out in skimpy dresses bra-less and wearibg just tiny g-strings underneath. Phil encouraged for me to be more and more daring, and as time went on I did as I was told and loved it. Quite a few guys have now looked up my dresses and skirts, as I deliberately but discretely part my legs for them when I know they are checking me out. Many have now seen my pussy barely covered by skimpy see though g-strings or looked down my low cut tops and seen my boobs and hard nipples as I “accidentally” lean forward. I have flashed in bars, in the shops and even in the car but my favourite is on the train. I love the train as it’s easy to tell if a guy is checking you out and lots of opportunities to give quite a few flashes as I move in my seat. I have had a lot of attention and quite a few offers which I have loved, but always declined. Mostly my husband is there or nearby but I also love it when I’m alone.

Phil wanted me to do more and more outrageous flashing and wanted me to go out with very short skirts or dresses and no undies at all; or almost completely see through tops and no bra, but these were too far for me.

He also persuaded me to shave my pussy completely. When I did it for the first time I absolutely loved the feeling so have stayed hairless since and now get it waxed by a beautiful young lady (but that’s another story!) Phil also couldn’t get enough licking my hairless bald pussy, so that was an added bonus.

Then he dropped a bombshell and confessed he would like to see me having sex with other men. This shocked me at first. I refused as I thought it would ruin our marriage, but like I guess most women do, I was already frequently fantasising about being fucked by other guys.

I can’t deny that I did want to fuck other men, but this was a step to far at that time. I told him it was a good fantasy but I wouldn’t do it in reality. Therefore I didn’t object when Phil started to talk about other men fucking me when we were having sex and that really turned me on.

One day he bought a blindfold, restraints and a big dildo and I loved him using them all on me and getting me to imagine it was another guy fucking me.

He made me tell him what guys I fancied from the guys we both know; and also to point out guys in the street I would fuck if I was single. I confessed I really fancied his mate Adam and it became a frequent game for him to tie me up and blindfold me and getting me to imagine it was Adam coming in the room and fucking me. The problem was that I am now desperate to have Adam!!!

Anyway, we then went on holiday to Tenerife and the sun, and checking out the guts in their bathers always makes me even hornier. As there was almost no chance of bumping into someone we know out there I finally agreed to go out in a little flimsy short summer dress and nothing underneath.

I’m slim build and am content and happy with my size 10 figure, having looked after myself doing a lot of running and swimming. My boobs are on the small size so gravity hasn’t had too much affect over the years and they are still fairly pert. I have very big protruding nipples so they are clearly visibly when bra-less. I was initially embarrassed by them, but now love the way they stick out and the looks I get, with many guys and a few women who can’t stop staring, which I really love. When I’m being checked out I feel soo horny.

On the day I went out naked under my dress we had stated drinking early which had given me extra courage. Also several hot guys round the pool had made me really really horny.

Phil refused me sex before we went out that evening as he knows im even more flirty when I’m desperate for sex. I found that despite all this I was wary of letting any guy see up my dress. It seemed acceptable to flash my barely covered pussy but a step too far for me to flash my hairless pussy. Still the feeling of being completely naked under my dress made me horny as hell, and I was desperate and aching for my pussy to be pleasured.

Anyway it was a good night but Phil got very drunk. Later on we got chatting to two younger guys who both clearly liked me and complimented me. After a while Phil blurted out that I was naked under my dress and suggested I give the guys a flash. I was livid with him for saying this but somehow the fact that they knew, made the sitution hornier. It is hard to describe but I felt more vulnerable but that just made me more on heat.

The guys, including Phil, egged me on to flash and we openly flirted but I refused, as I also love teasing. I however loved the attention and admitted it was true about being naked under my dress and said “maybe later” to keep them really interested. In my mind though I just wanted to lift my dress there and then, open my legs and let them and any other guy in there take turns with me.

Drink got the better of Phil after a while, and he was slumped in his seat, but the guys were all over me, especially one called Tom. Tom was far better looking and as such I gave him more attention. Tom and I ended up holding hands as we sat next to each other, and he had his arm round me touching my bum through my dress. I was desperate for sex and the attention I was getting. I knew I wouldnt get sex from my husband that night due to his condition, and therefore wanted Tom more than I have ever wanted sex from anyone.

Phil then fell asleep in the bar so I needed to get him back to the hotel room. Although it wasn’t far the guys agreed to help him back. I was arm in arm walking back as his mate helped Phil.

At the hotel Tom’s mate obviously realised that If anything was going to happen in this situation, it would be Tom having the fun, so he made his excuses and left, but Tom asked me if he could stay for a while and I happily agreed. We helped Phil to bed and he was soon snoring and Tom and I went on the balcony and had another drink.

He told me he really wanted to fuck me and I told him that I had never been unfaithful despite the way I had acted and dressed that night. He looked disappointed, but told him about my husband wanting to watch me with another man. Tom said he would gladly let my husband watch if it meant he could fuck me.

Obviously Phil was out of it so we agreed I would speak to my husband the following morning and arrange for it to happen the next day if he agreed. Tom wanted me to wake Phil so he could fuck me there and then, but i knew Phil was out of it for the night.

However Tom and I were both desperate for each other, and when he asked if we could have a just a little bit of fun there and then, I found myself not being able to say no. I should have said no but I was horny and desperately wanted this young good looking guy sat on my balcony.

So we kissed passionately and I didn’t object when his hand started to caress my nipples through my dress. I also didn’t object when his hand went onto my legs and gradually moved up my thigh.

I also didn’t object when it went higher and found my very wet pussy. I also didn’t object when his fingers penetrated me and I let my legs part as he openly fingered me on my balcony.

Im very vocal and started to moan loudly, not caring that I could be on view to any neighbours who may venture onto their balconies.

I wanted Tom in every way imaginable, and this was a fantasy finally comibg true. At that very moment I would have let him do anything, despite knowing Phil hadn’t given his approval.

But Tom didn’t stop and was thrusting several fingers in and out of my sopping wet hole, as well as intermittently rubbing my clit. He kept telling me how naughty I was not wearing knickers and having a fully shaved pussy. I was being married slut but didn’t care.

At one point he said he wanted to see my pussy and as he withdrew his hand, I unashamedly parted my les as wide as possible giving a full view of my shaven, wet and gaping pussy. I also pulled my dress down exposing my bare boobs for my young lover.

I loved to be licked but he was doing such a great job with his fingers so I soon grabbed his and and pulled it back between my legs to my waiting and still desperate pussy.

As he went back to work fingering my hole, he also kissed me and then sucked my hard nipples one by one. He expertly found my g-spot which I love. My hand found his big hard bulge over his jeans and I almost demanded he fuck me, however I was very close to orgasm and didn’t want him to stop finger fucking me.

I was soon cumming hard on his hand, moaning like a whore and shaking with a very intense orgasm, clamping my legs holding his fingers inside me. As my orgasm subsided I came back to reality.

Tom obviously wanted more, and understandably wanted his cock pleasured. I was also desperate to see, feel and pleasure his cock; but I was being unfaithful to my husband, despite Phil’s desire for me to have other men. This wasn’t what he wanted as he only wanted me to have other men if he could watch.

I therefore told Tom the rest would have to wait. He was disappointed but he was very understanding and agreed to wait.

We kissed passionately again before he left and I took his number. As I climbed in bed next to my snoring husband I felt more guilt than I ever had before. However the thought of guilt subsided as I relived what had just happened with the gorgeous Tom, and the thought of what may happen the next day, and my fingers found my clit and I imagined what Tom’s cock was like. It had felt bigger than my husbands but that was just from a feel through his jeans.

I wondered what I would say to Phil; not only about what had happened that night, but also about Tom’s offer to fuck me in front of Phil. As I went to sleep I knew I wanted Tom’s cock in me and just hoped Phil still wanted to watch me take another man....