Written by Guilty Pleasure

2 May 2011

Whether its reality or fantasy you can decide but either way its great!!

I am a sub at heart, and after a long and stressful day at work i was driving home and even though it was past 10pm the traffic was ridiculous so i decided to stop. As luck would have it the next stopping point was a known dogging area so i thought what the hell.

I parked the car and just let out a huge sigh and closed my eyes to rest them a bit, when there was a knock on the window. I looked up to see two what can only be described as portly fellas (dave and carl)!! Winding down the window i asked what they wanted, to which they both just smiled and said you!! Had to admire their bluntness!! I thought for a second then without even thinking told them i was a sub, with the answer being a yes as they opened my door and beckoned me towards the toilet area (known glory hole place). I walked in to be greeted by two other guys clearly friends of the others. Now paint a picture as i have two portly guys behind me and two fellow portly guys partially dressed in front of me (steve and paul!! My first thought was get out, but also had a strange feeling of being comfortable!!

Now i should say that by partially dressed, they both had their pants off and showing their semi hard cocks and my eyes were drawn towards them in the meantime, i felt the guys behind me start to remove the shirt off my back!! Luckily it was a warm night!!

I was then directed to the two guys in front of me, and before i could change my mind, my mouth greedily sucked on Steve's cock whist slowly wanking on paul's already hard one. I then swapped cocks with my mouth and hands tasting there full hardness plus they had both recently peed so i could taste that too!! Behind me i felt a pair of hands caress my body, and then a slight pain then pleasure as my neck was nibbled then bitten, by what turned out to be Dave as he pinched my already hard nipples. I continued to suck on steve and paul, and whist dave took a toilet break carl then continued where dave had left off, pinching my nipples and again biting my neck, he was also pushing me hard onto the cock i was sucking!! So picture this, my neck has now got two trophies on and dave a carl now also have their cocks out, at which sight i then greedily suck theirs!! Dave having just peed had some left on his cock, and although i was not a ws person it tasted good, and they realised i liked this too!! Also while i was sucking i had steve and paul both necking me and playing with my already excited body!! This carried on for a few minutes at this point i had four very excited men. At this point they stood me up and removed my trousers and socks leaving in just my boxers and took me to one of the cubicles which fortunately were large enough to fit us all in. AT this point whilst three were hard and wanking well, i noticed carl had gone a little soft. I was sat on the toilet and was asked to put my head back. As i did my body was hit with the warm flow of piss streaming from carls cock, after the initial shock it felt great running down my body and all over my boxers!! I let out a moan to show how much i enjoyed it and heard the men all laugh all saying what a good sub I am!! I looked up after carl had finished a sucked hard on him tasting him and bringing him back to hardness.

I was then pulled away from his cock, and told to kneel on the floor!! Then first Dave's cock was in front of me, as i watching wank furiously before exploding all over my face, dripping down my chin, i cleaned him up then was presented with pauls cock who wanked hard then inserted his cock in my mouth and filling it with his hot cum, again he was cleaned up. After this Carl and steve stood either side of me again wanking hard and both shot big amounts of cum all over my face, i was in facial heaven!! After cleaning all four cocks they all got up and left me but not before dave wrote his number down for me!! After they left i sat there with my cum covered face and pee covered body and could not believe how good that was! I then put my clothes back on and left! The drive after that was great especially as i could still taste all their cum on me!!