Written by tracey

22 May 2010

I read the stories on here most weeks and really enjoy them, but often wonder why nothing like that ever happens to me. Well today, it so nearly did.

The weather the past few days has been great, so I took advantage and had the roof down while I was driving my mini about town. My friend donna had stayed at mine the other night and I was on my way to drop her off home when I was heading to see my boyfriend. Donna is a bit of a stunner. Long blonde hair, beautiful smooth tanned skin, a really tight ass, medium but firm tits and only a size 10. If I was bi she would be the girl I want!! I on the other hand am a red head, pale pale skin, size 12, well toned as I'm a fitness instructor and can be shy...

As we were stopped at traffic lights, a boy racer and his friends pulled up beside us. Hey darling, nice wheels. Where are you off too they asked. Just dropping my friend off I said, at which point donna shouts, we will race you to burger king. If we win you buy us a burger, if you win we buy you a burger. As I turned to donna to ask what she was doing, the boys took off.

I told donna I wasn't racing, but she insisted we went along for a laugh. When we got there, the boys had already been through the drive through and got us both burgers. We had a bit of a laugh for 5mins talking about the cars, then they asked us if we wanted to jump in their car for a spin. Now we are 21 and these boys must have been 19 tops, and I prefer older guys, so I declined. Donna jumped out the car and jumped in the back. Wait here she said, its just a quick spin down the road and back.

In a flash the car was gone and I was left sitting there a little worried for my friend being in a car with strange guys. 5mins passed, 10mins passed then they arrived back with the 2boys in the front laughing. As they pulled up beside me the driver shouted accross that my friend was a dirty slut, then he turned to look in the back of his car. As I looked through the open window all I could see was donna's head bouncing up and down. As I shouted on her she lifted her head, started to laugh and I could see this boys erect cock.

Donna turned to the boy and said told him to fuck her if he was man enough. I felt a little uneasy, but she clearly wanted it so I just sat there, and I couldn't stop watching! The guy had her pinned to the far window with 1 let restin on the drivers chair and the other leg over his shoulder, hitched her dress up, pulled her thong to 1 side and fired his cock straight in.

I couldn't see much, just donna getting totally pounded by this guy, who I still don't know the name off! Donna moans like nothin else when gettin banged, she can scream the place down at times, and she wasn't holding back this time either! I was worried someone might hear but she didn't care, she keep screaming at him to fuck her harder. The guy pulld out and thrust his pussy soaked cock down donna throat, to which his friends started jumpin up and down in their chairs shouting how much of a dirty slut she was. Just as he was about to cum he pulled his cock out of donna's mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face, letting it drip onto her dress. Donna didn't care. She soon licked it all up.

As the guy moved away, the 2 guys in the front were begging donna to let them have a shot which donna declined, for now...

Driving donna home she explained she had never done anything like that before, but when she was in the car driving so fast, she just got soo turned on. She said it was her idea! After I dropped her off I had to borrow a pair of pants off her as mine were soaked through from watching, and I wouldn't like to see my boyfriends face if I turned up with soaking pants on. I was so turned on by what I had just seen, and if I could find the courage, I'd love to try the same sometime...!!! X