Written by Jane

16 Feb 2014

My husband and I went on holiday last month with 2 of our oldest friends, John and Mary we've known each other for over 25 years. I was looking for a bit of fun, because John can be a bit boring at times and wanted to change all that. I convinced everyone that we should go to Gran Canaria and experience the dunes there. We booked a nice 4 star hotel very close the beach and dunes. We had dinner and I deliberately got Mary tipsy, as I wanted her to agree to go to the dunes the following day, for that bit of fun.

We had breakfast and got our towels atc and went off to the beach. I hadn't told anyone that it was a nudist area or that there was a lot to be had in the dunes. Mary was amazed looking at all the naked bodies on display and particularly the variety of cocks. we went up into the dunes and found a nice spot. I stripped off completely, to the shock of my husband, who laughed and did the same. John followed suit, but Mary only managed to strip down to her thong. After a short time I suggested that Mary should take our picture, that's me in between the 2 guys. She stood up and positioned herself where she could get a good shot. She took 3 different pictures all very lame, except of course for the fact we were all naked. I said hold, before you lie down again and took hold of the guys cocks and slowly moved my hand up and down their lengths. Mary stood there open mouthed, but did manage to take a few pictures before she lay down again. Ten minutes later I stood up and said it was my turn to take the photos. I told the guys to get a bit closer to Mary as I couldn't focus properly. I then said to Mary that the photo wouldn't look right if she kept her thong on. Just take it off for this shot and then put it back on, I said. She shyly did as I'd asked. I clicked away and finally told Mary to get hold of the guys cocks, the same as I did. Her eyes were wide open in disbelief. Go on there's no one looking and the guys won't mind, will you guys, I said. Off course not came the reply. Mary closed her eyes and slowly took each cock in her hand, but she just left it there, she didn't move it up and down as I did. Now come on Mary, I said, you need to get them to stand to attention. Knowing exactly what I meant she slowly started to wank them and the guys rose to the occasion. That's better, I said and it looks as if your enjoying it. My husband moved his hand onto Mary's pussy and started to gently insert a finger. Mary's eyes were still closed, but she continued to wank both guys. Mark's finger was now pushing in and out of Mary's hole and she was moving against it. She let go of John's cock and Mark put his leg in between Mary'd and gently pushed them apart. Within seconds Mark was on top of Mary and Mary was guiding Mark's cock into her juicy love hole. Mark started to move up and down slowly and then increased his speed. Mary was moaning away. This was my opportunity to get on top of John and guide myself onto his cock, which was about the same size as Mark's, but much thicker and I gasped as it went in.

After the session we went back to the hotel and what followed for the rest of the week was amazing.