Written by slutgirl

25 Dec 2009

I'm a 19 yr old student but a complete slut. I can't get enough of cock and have slept with many guys of all ages, especially after a few drinks on Saturdays. When i get horny i need a cock so badly and like to be used and abused.

For the past 3 weeks i'm fucking my best friend's divorced father. I have always fancied him and many times wanted his cock. He is 38, a physiotherapist working for private clients, divorced and living in a nice large house. I've regularly visited his house and got on really well. When my friend was not in presence i somewhat flirt with him.

Well it all started when i had a trap nerve and went to see him for advise. I was a bit horny that day so dressed a bit slutty hoping to get lucky. He sat me on his massage couch and started to slowly massage my neck, rubbing it gently in the main affected area. His warm hands made me relax and i was enjoying his hands around my neck and top of the shoulder.Underneath i was getting horner and wet. I closed my eyes and slowly started to moan. His hands started to wonder around seductively and he occiaionally touched his fingers near my breasts. He noticed the nipples getting harder, as i was not wearing a bra and a loose top. His hands moved away from my neck and further down and near my breasts and i encouraged him to go further down. He was soon massaging both my breasts and playing with the huge nipples. He made me strip naked and started to kiss my hot nipples. I was moaning with pleasure. His hands moved up my leg. He positioned me laying down and facing him. He then raised my legs and started to lick my extremely wet and shaven pussy. He was so good, with soft bites and licking my clit. I was in heaven and building up to a massive orgasm. He dropped his slacks and exposed his enormous hard cock. He took no time to enter my pussy and started to fuck me hard, really hard. He continued to massage my 44D erect tits. I was dying to come and with another several thrusts i screamed in pleasure and released my juices all around his cock. He continued to fuck me for several more minutes till i felt his cum in my pussy. I took his cock out and started to lick his head and sucked up all his cum.

He then led me to his shower and he rubbed me down with some really nice shower gel, till i made him hard again and this time he bent me over and fucked me from behind. We both came again.

We dried ourselves and i just cuddled up to him in his bed and went to sleep for an hour. He woke me up, kissed me and said he has another appointment. I had to leave.

I have continued my massages and more importantly our fucks on a regular basis. He makes me suck his cock, ride him and he loves fucking me from behind. He has also filmed us fucking.

My friend had no idea and thinks i'm fucking another older man.

Please advise what shall i do?