Written by slutgirl

28 Dec 2009

Thanks for all your comments. The fact is i can't leave him as he makes me feel so good and more importantly fucks me so nicely.

Let me share with you our boxing day session. I went over to swap presents. I bought him a nice aftershave gift box. He in turn bought me loads, a sexy lingerie set, perfume, stockings and one of those rabbit vibrators. He made me wear the outfit, and he then sat me on his leather sofa and started to kiss me all over very gently. His hands were everywhere, playing with my tits, squeezing my hard nipples and then stroking my legs and rubbing my wet clit. He took off his jeans and asked me to kneel on the carpet and suck his balls and then pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I used my tongue to lick his while length while massaging his balls. I continued for ages, while he moaned with pleasure. I sucked him long and hard until i heard him moan louder and he shot his enoromous load in my mouth. I swallowed the whole lot and licked him clean.

It was his turn, he positioned me on the sofa with a large cusion under my arse. He spread my legs and started to kiss the thighs, he took out the vibrator and pushed it into me at high speed. Boy it felt good, he continued to ram the vibrator in me while moving up toward my tits. He licked and bite my hard nipples. It hurt but felt really good, I wanted his cock in me and i told him so. He moved the vibrator out and started to massage and flick my clit. He does that so nicley, makes me cum so quickly. He entered his hard cock in me and i screamed with pleasure. He was hot and as usual he fucked me hard with long strides. He fucks me deep which i enjoy. He then turned me around and entered me from behind. I love that. He continued to fuck me hard and i was building up to an all mighty orgasm. Within minutes i released my juices with an enormous loud scream. He continued to fuck me till he came.

Afterwards, we had some wine, mince pies and he just sucked my nipples and cuddled up to me.

He wants me to come over on new days day for another surprise.

I can't wait