Written by lackslength

14 Mar 2011

She told me to strip off so John could see my pathetic excuse for a cock. Which I did but not with the speed or confidence that John had. I was now stood there naked waiting for my G/f to direct her next order,but they were enjoying exploring each other and seemingly had forgotten I was there.

I coughed nervously to get their attention, which eventually it did.They looked up at me and she sneered " look john what do you think of that then?"

He wasn't to sure if he should say anything nasty towards me at first. Not until she made it quite clear that was what she wanted. He soon warmed to the task though!

My G/F told me to lay down on the bed next to John and she shuffled us about so she could get our cocks close to each other.To enable her to do some comparing.

Well as you can imagine it was very embarrasing for me his lovely long length completely dwarfed my little willy.Whilst the G/F was playing with Johns cock he had been roughly pulling at her nipples and I could tell she was so horny she was going to explode.

She told me that she wanted me to take her panties off to give john better access. So I knelt infront of her and pulled them down. I remarked to her how wet her panties seemed to be with which she retorted "Well of course when I'm with a real man I do get wet, I even squirt, but obviously you don't know that do you ?"

John joined in the abuse and suggested that I should have to wear her wet panties as my cock was smaller than her clitty.

"Yes good idea" my G/F said so thats what I did. She then told me to get between Johns legs and get to grips with a proper penis.I didn't need to be told twice by now I couldn't wait to feel it. I was amazed how hard it was and could see his precum glistening on his helmet.To be contd