Written by M.K

19 May 2016

Southey woods..... another great experience that I enjoyed one evening around two months ago, as your aware I love to dress up in stockings , high heels etc when I can and visit local gay dogging locations now this particular evening happened after I dropped the wife off in the centre of Peterborough I rushed home got changed and jumped into the car and drove to Southey woods , on my arrival i parked not in the car park but on the hardstanding opposite so that my door opened towards the headge , for those who are familiar with the place will know exactly how I mean , now I'm sitting in my little car waiting for some one to arrive , now I was wearing black high heels , stockings , black basque , tiny silk panties ( my favourite ) and a little see through mini dress after a couple of minutes a dark blue car arrived , drove past me very slowly then pulled into the car park , then reversed out and parked behind me , at the same time I noticed a motorbike pull into the parking area and then another car , the chap in the car behind got out and walked around my car having a good look in (as we all do ) so I opened my door so he could see everything , as he approached he quickly released his growing cock so I got out of the car and crouched down and took him in my mouth , after a few sucks I became aware of two others approaching so I carried on but looked straight at them as they both walked towards me they both released semi erect Cocks, I just reached out and for about three or four minutes I was wanking two men and sucking another dressed in stockings and suspenders at the side of the road . And I loved it ! There hands were all over me rubbing my cock and balls , rubbing my hole , just abusing me , I felt like a complete slut ! after about another few minutes I swapped and sucked each rock hard cock in turn , quickly and effortlessly .... then another car approached and everyone fled to the safety of there own cars etc , I got back into my car and sat there , feeling like a complete slut . And not a drop of Cum was seen . I started the car and drove off towards home as I guess did everyone else . And the funny thing was no one spoke a word . Now every good encounter I have I will place here I am totally genuine and if you are around who knows you may bump into a panty wearing cock sucker .