Written by Gary

20 Apr 2011

My wife and i have been together since we were 17 and we are now 34 with 2 beautiful kids, a house, even the dog! Life has become somewhat quiet over the years and we had kind of drifted in the bedroom. I'd wake up and see my wife in the morning naked and what a sight that is, she has an amazing body still. Let me describe her for you, she is brunette, 5'7, dark brown eyes and flawless skin, unbutton her top and your greeted by 36DD breasts that have dropped slightly but are amazing for a mother, her nipples are permanently erect, her hips are curvacious and what an ass!!! Its big and curvy and i hav'nt seen much action the last few years with it.

I took to what most men end up doing and started masturbating to porn, just the normal stuff at first and then i started to explore more. I felt as if i was born again. I looked at every type and especially liked the lesbian, however i clicked on bisexual sex once and was shocked to see two males with a girl. I was intrigued and started to watch, i got quiet aroused watching the guys and i felt guilty then so i stopped. The next night i was excited again and clicked back onto the video. I watched it in full and realised for the first time i was either really bored of my sex life or i was perhaps Bi-curious. I spent the nest few weeks masturbating to just gay or bisexual porn and one evening i finished work and was home alone, i decided to masturbate and put on a gay porn, i was half way through when i seen my wife looking at me and the screen. I jumped up to tell her its not what you think and she just said get dressed we have company. She had invited her family around for a slap up dinner and a catch up. We acted as if nothing had happened and i couldn't get a min alone with my wife to talk to her.

That night we got into bed as normal and we were both lying there reading, yet we were both really trying to find a way to break the ice. She said to me "How long"? And i told her my story. She admitted she had lost her sex drive and just could not get it back. She asked had i cheated with either sex and i told her truthfully No. She said perhaps i should try the guy thing as it was the better of two evils. We set out the ground rules and left it at that.

A few months had passed and in bed again one night reading and my wife asked have i fucked anyone yet? I replied no as i was still unsure and had no contact with anybody from that scene. I knew now she was serious about me having another lifestyle.

One night on my way home from work i stopped into a bar to have a quiet drink and finish some work on my laptop. After a while i noticed a guy looking at me and smiling, he was quiet attractive, about 29 i figured and he walked my way. I can't remember our first words or what we initially chatted about but we hit it off immediately. I was quiet merry and felt his hand rubbing my thigh, he asked if i'd go back to his hotel. I jumped at the chance. We arrived back at the hotel and wasted no time at all, we done everything and i loved it. We said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers.

I got home a little later than normal and was tipsy going home. I went upstairs to bed and got into bed. I couldn't sleep from the excitement of it all. I was lying there in the dark when i heard my wife beside me asking if i enjoyed his cock? I was stunned but so excited to talk about it, i asked how she knew and she said she jus guessed as i was late and never rang. She asked what we did and i told her how we got naked and wanked each other and how i sucked his big cock, she asked was it very big and did i enjoy it? I told her i loved it and she asked did i fuck him? I told her yessss, at last i fucked a guy and then i told her i took his cock too. I think that surprised her a little.

We chatted more and she was asking for every detail, i asked was i getting her horny and grabbed her pussy in a joking way, it was soaking thru her knickers. I said oh my god you are soaked honey, and she said she watched one of my "Videos" and said she found it very sexy watching 2 men, i ripped her knickers down to her thighs and rubbed her clit as i described my earlier experience. My cock was throbbing and she took it out and wanked me slowly. I leaned over her and put my cock in her wet pussy, this felt amazing, we fucked 3 times that night.

We have now firmly got our sex drive back and she is joining me next time with a guy, we decided it would be fun for her to enjoy new cocks aswell.