Written by Sam

23 May 2017

We moved from Wallasey Merseyside to Fleetwood a lovely apartment not far away from the main road - tram line into Blackpool.

With my shifts i had a long weekend off , Jane was i work so i had a well deserved lay in doing fuck all , i got my phone out and had look for some porn , MILF sluts are my fav, as you do I fancied knocking one out , but i came across a web site that had a section on Bi stuff a quick look thru and there was a couple and they invited a black guy around and the story was he joined in and the guy sucked off the black guy with a cock like a babys arm holding a apple , then the black guy sucked off the white lad and they both wanked on the girls tits , i was in the moment having a tug , when i heard a voice and it was Janes dad , unknown to me he was working in St Annes , so he thought he would pop around , i didnk know what to say i was stuttering like a fool and to make things worse he picked my phone up and the white guy was sucking the black mans boner.

He said i didnt know you liked this stuff , i said it was a one off ,he said were all adults but im sure Jane doesnt know you wank off to gay porn , i didnt know what to say , i said she doesnt have to know , it was a one off he said i have a one time offer , or i will tell Jane , i said dont what is it ....he said why dont we have a bit of MM fun , mums the word.

Like what , he said well you can start by giving me a blow job like that white guy in the movie , i said is there any other way he said no and undid his jeans and out popped a impressive 7inch cock thick , i thought just do it , i got on my knees and opened my mouth then slowly i sucked his shaft , he said rub my balls i only sucked for a minute or so and he said he was going to cum , he wanked his spunk onto my face and neck , y the smile on his face he was happy , but i wanted some action , a bit of pay back so i stood up and got my cock out and i said my turn , suck me he was on my cock in a flash , the way he was sucking me this wasnt his first time , i started fucking his throat which by his moans he was loving it , after a few more good sucks i said i was going to shoot he carried on sucking and i filled his mouth with my spunk and he swallowed the lot .we both sorted our self out , he said his goodbyes and he was gone .

Since then ive had a few good wanks thinking about her dads cock , im going to message him to see if hes up for a bit more ......