Written by Bubbles125

7 Jul 2009

I am a young asian lad who goes out with a half asian half white girl. She is extremely beautiful and is also such a dirty slut. I have always thought about her getting fucked by other men while I watched. She just recently went on holiday to Spain and she bought some very sexy lingerie from Ann Summers before she went and I thought that was odd because i had been asking her to get some for ages but she didn't. She already knows about how i feel about her getting fucked by other men and on the first night she was there she rang me late at night very drunk. She said to me "baby you know how you always tell me how you want me to get fucked by other guys, well I have just met 2 lads from london who have been dancing and trying it on with me all night. I really feel horny and i want to do some naughty stuff with them." I was hard as a rock now and I said to her go for it as long as she rings me straight after and tells me exactly what she got up to.

For a hole hour and a half i was waiting and she finally rang and told me exactly what she told me. My gf was wearing a very short revealing dress and had her new silky pink g-string on which she had bought before she went. She then told me that was the reason why she bought new underwear before she went so she could tease the guys when she bent over in the clubs dancing. Well the two guys had both been dancing with my gf in the club and she was really drunk and one had put his hand up her dress and started fingering her pussy while the other started grinding on her frm behind and started fingering her tight little asshole. They then decided to go to the club toilets and thats when she rang asking me if she could go through with it. As soon as they squeezed in the cubicle they both started kissing her body all over and ripped her dress off leaving her g string on. They then pushed her onto the toilet and made her sit down and were being very rough with her and were calling her a dirty slut, she really likes it when you do that. She then pulled their cocks out and started licking the tip of one while wanking the other one off and then started sucking really hard on both of them.

She is so good at sucking cock she deepthroats the cock all the way down and spits all over it. She carried on blowing one of the guys while the other went down and moved her pink sexy g-string to the side and started licking her little pussy out shoving his tongue as deep as he could. They then got her up and bent her over the toilet and she was sucking one guy off now, and the other was licking her ass out and spanking her really hard making her ass go red, she loves being spanked and asks for it really hard. They both then took turns fucking her silly doggystyle over the toilet and she was really being treated like a dirty little slut.

One of the guys could not keep it in and came in her pussy. He then left them two together in the toilet and went outside. She then started sucking this guy off for ages and took her g string off and wrapped it around his big cock. She then carried on wanking and sucking him with the g string wrapped around his cock until he came all in her mouth and over her g string. He then said thank you to her and asked if he could keep her g string as a memory and she let him. My gf then went back into the club and carried on dancing with her friends. What a nasty little slut she is but I lover her to bits and can't wait till she gets back and tells me more stories. I will keep you posted if i get a good response. Cheers for reading about my nasty slut of a gf.