Written by z3 drieverdude

22 Feb 2007

On Tuesday I met with Lynn who worked in our office, she is about 5'6" bobbed hair about size 14/16 with nice size tits, a real nice face and for 53 she is just great company.

We were talking about fashion and how things have changed especially for women in regards to their underwear choices which can shape & enhance their figures, I said I didn't think she needed that sort of thing to which she blushed and said more than you think . trust me. I then said but you look fit and not fat, but she replied she FELT FAT.. and beieve it or not she always wors stuff like that anyway.

The way the conversation was going I was beginning to get a little flustered and she noticed this and asked me what was wrong, i said well all this underwear talk is getting me hard, she then looke at my crotch and said so I see but how the hell can talk of girdles make someone randy then ? I said well its somting I have always wanted to see on a woman, as when I was younger I too checked out the catalogues of womens undies, slips, stockings etc 7 would often spy on my mother getting ready etc, she then said well whay not fee for yourself what i fell every day, she then took my hand and placed it on her leg and started to slide it up uner the hem of her black skirt, the feeling of her nylon clad legs in tights (soon to confirm) i felt a little lace then just looked at the sight before me so I too both hands and ran then up lifting her white lacy underskirt up her thighs and then bam... I felt the panty girdle , up I wnt over the firm satin panles and jut ran my hand all round the smoothness for ther arse clad in tights and a white panty girdle worn over the top of them, I just had to get my cock out and I did, there an then and just wanked hard at the sight before me, Lyn just stood there holding her skirt, & slip up around her waist with her nice arse & pussy all firmly held in by her panty girdle, then she unbuttoned her blouse and let me see the superb tits all held in by a nice 38C white bra,mean while she was encouraging me to soak her girle with spunk, and christ did I do that ok, as I began to feelmy spunk rising I told her this and she just wanked my cock herself over the front panel of her panty girdle and shouted cum baby cum shoot your spunk, staim my girdle & tights, staim my skirt, i want you to fuck me tomorrow when I will have a nother treat for your hands to explore, that was it I shot about 3 or 4 spurts of warm spunk covering the fron support panel of the girdle, running down over her tan tights and also splattering the underskirt & skirt hem in the process... getns if you ever get the chance to experience this do so with someone whowears the elastic fantastic.. its a great experience & I can't wait to fuck her tomorrow. will keep you posted. meantime if any ladies out there wish the same emeil me I will be happy to oblige