Written by Neil

12 Nov 2014

Long time reader, first time poster. I'm in my late twenties, living in Ireland and have a girlfriend called Eimear. We'd been going out for just a year and were recently returned from a sex filled week hols in Spain. After her first day back to work, as we having a cup of tea she told me how this guy, D, had handed in his notice and was leaving in two weeks for a new job in London. She joked that she'd miss the bit of eye candy to be leering at.

Later on in bed and there was a lot of groping going on. As I was kissing her neck, and fondling her breasts while her back was pushed into me, I whispered in her ear "Bet you wish D was here feeling you up." She moaned and arched into me more, I was now rubbing the outside of her panties. I could feel she was soaking wet. "Would you like his big, hard cock pressed up against your ass?" She reached down and took a hold of my cock. She parted her panties and I slid in easy. We fucked like crazy and I kept throwing in the odd comment about her and D. She was loving it! But I was careful not to overdo it. She actually shouted out his named when she came, that was too much for me and I finished immediately after.

The next night, she opened up "Neil, I flirted with D today" said with a naughty grin. I started kissing her asking for details. It was innocent enough but then she broke away. Now she knows that I like the sharing scenario, she's guessed as much by this stage. "You've been saying a lot about me and guys, and what would you think if I did something with D? I mean since he's leaving and all?" Wow, I was instantly hard. We talked about it and agreed that she'd flirt her way to a few drinks with him, and whatever happens happens. We then fucked like crazy!

It was another two days before we talked about it again. She came in from work and said "I've got neewsss..." She told how they'd been flirting like crazy and he asked her to join him for a few farewell drinks the next night. Didn't sound like anyone else was going to this one! We were both very excited. The next evening she was fussing over what to wear and spent the evening getting ready. In the end, she looked amazing. She had a petite figure, maybe 5'5, nice tits which she isn't afraid to show off and has red hair. She was wearing a black low cut (cleavage!) top, a blue skirt and red heels. She was looking sexy, I wanted to have her there and then but she made me wait. Well except for a quick blowie! She left to meet him and I waited...

I spent the evening absently mindingly watching shite. Very distracted. I had a few beers and fell asleep. Was awoken around 1 by a phone call from Eimear who was outside. I let her in and demanded all the stories! They started with a few (fast) drinks before stopping by his place. He poured wine, put on some music and in no time they were kissing. She said she quickly unzipped his rock hard cock and had it deep in her mouth. He's around the same size as me, or so she says. After a few minutes the sucking stopped and she was soon down to just the skirt and heels, panties dangling off one foot as D was between her legs thrusting in and out. Told me that he fucked her solid for a good fifteen minutes before pulling out and cumming on her breasts. She let out a laugh and the kissed. - I looked down and could see wiped cum stains on her skirt. I was kissing her neck, my hands roving up her thigh and of course found out that she had no knickers on. My little slut. We had a fantastic fuck session, ending with me cumming inside her while she called out for D's cock. It was an incredible experience. All my feelings of worry, doubt, excitement and horniness building up to that orgasm. He had another week left in town after that...